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Adopt the woman's sailor

Judiciously select the sailor, to wear it with accuracy, to associate it skillfully with other pieces, shoes and accessories is therefore of crucial importance for a chic and female French...

Some timeless classics cross eras without ever losing their elegance. This is precisely the case of the sailor chest, this iconic piece with horizontal stripes, both timeless and essential centerpiece of your seasonal wardrobe. How to brilliantly wear the woman's sailor can be made a captivating question.

Judiciously select the sailor, to wear it with accuracy, to associate it skillfully with other pieces, shoes and accessories is therefore of crucial importance for a chic and female French style. As a fashion pillar, the sailor is omnipresent: on the podiums, in the trendy streets and carried with plume by renowned influencers. So how do you wear the Marnière for women in style?


The history of the sailor

Coco Chanel MarinièreOriginally, this timeless was wooded by sailors and merchants. But if we go back a few centuries, this room with the 21 stripes that we borrow from the marine world has many things to tell us! Indeed, before the 19th century, the stripes were reserved for the marginalized, to beings on the sidelines of society: prisoners, prostitutes, servants, as many destinies relegated to the background. The stripes were therefore in no way predestined at a chic and flattering look that is given to it today. However, it was in March 1858 that their popularity encountered a real turning point: the French Navy adopted a new knitting made up of 21 blue scratches and 21 white stripes intended for its sailors and its master districts, with the primary purpose of facilitating the location of his crew men in the event of a fall at sea.

Formerly harmless, the sailor ripper rose to the top of fashion icons thanks to the legendary creativity of Coco Chanel in 1917. It was by the visionary creativity of Gabrielle Chanel that La Marinière, formerly reserved for men, freed itself from its moorings, attractive the upper bourgeoisie and establishing itself as a new iconic fashion symbol. The nobility of the fabric then invited itself in the first lodge, dethroning the cottony fabric. Under the refinement of the boat pass, the sailor tree dressed in a new dimension, of an exquisite femininity.

Since then, the sailor Based on the front of the stage and reinvented by great French creators. Popularized by Brigitte Bardot in 1963, in the film entitled "Le Contempt", revisited by Yves-Saint Laurent in 1966 during a great fashion show, it was between the years 1960 and 1980 that the creators recognized the incredible potential of The sailor. Formerly limited to the marine environment, this room conquered cities and urbanity. The striped sweater thus appeared on the Cat-Walk. But it was by Jean-Paul Gaultier, this creative virtuoso, who made the sailor its emblem, raising it from the peaks of the podiums. The celebrities, seduced by this unique piece, were not long in highlighting it.

Men, women, young and old ... In dress, in a sweater, or even in CARECO, the sailor has become today a timeless symbol of French elegance. If formerly marine blue reigned supreme, thanks to the mastery of indigo dye, now the sailor is available in red, pink, yellow, ecru, green, tricolor, even multicolored.

How to choose your sailor?

By the sea, on a boat or in the lively streets, whether in spring, summer, fall or winter, the sailor stands proudly, transcending all circumstances. As a timeless piece, she goes perfectly with all the outfits, or almost. This is the iconic piece that you have in haste when you are late in the morning, aware that you will be stylish whatever happens. Indeed, the sailor can adapt to all our looks, day and night, both in the office and by strolling at a chic evening. However, a sailor worthy of the name must be carefully cut in a quality material if you want to make it an essential element of your wardrobe. The more the quality will be there, the longer you will keep this piece timeless.

www.bylouise.frOpt for a model that is neither too long nor too short, and prefer a slightly curved cut if you want to give it a more sophisticated look than that of a simple top. Conversely, choose a straight cut if you want to keep this refreshing simplicity. You will find adjusted sailors, near the body, which highlight the fine and slender silhouettes. For V or H morphologies, favor slightly oversized models, which will bring volume to the size. Finally, if you have generous curves, opt for a straight cut so as not to accentuate the shapes.

Associated with Mom or Boyfriend jeans, it allows you to adopt an outfit that is both trendy and relaxed. However, this striped top is also harmonized perfectly with denim shorts, skirts or superimpositions of trendy pieces. Besides, we succumb to the Mix'N match effect by combining a sailor with a low floral print, polka dot or geometric patterns.


How to wear the marinière with style?

The sailor with jeans

www.bylouise.frThe sailor and jeans, a real timeless idyll. This clothing association is reinventing itself with panache, creating a look that never gets rid of. The latest trends? Merge your jeans and sailor with black boots or moccasins for a resolutely trendy look. For a mid-season look, opt for A Marinière Pull with the straight cut and loose sleeves, for a cozy feeling. Accompany it with straight jeans or slim, superb moccasins and a trench for a trendy look.

For a relaxed look, bet on flared jeans associated with a round -collar sailor, which you will return to the front of your jeans. Add lovely black boots or white sneakers, and voila. For a more chic look, give in to the temptation of the sailor with a black turtleneck, married to black jeans. On the hairstyle side, favor a smoothed low bun for a sophisticated effect. Whatever your association, the sailor and jeans represent a perfectly classic and timeless look. These two pieces undeniably work together, offering an timeless and resolutely chic look.

The sailor with pants

www.bylouise.frDespite its cozy and relaxed look, the sailor can completely escape the beaten track and associate with chic pants, whether for an After Work evening or for the office. We prove to you:

For an office outfit that is both chic and relaxed, opt for a superb right pants with the pliers that you associate with An oversized sailor at the V -neck for a touch of femininity. Still not convinced? So maybe you will succumb to the elegance of the tone on tone look. Put on a rising collar sweater on a white background that you associate with adjusted white pants, accompanied by sneakers of the same color. A roller-collar sailor t-shirt also goes perfectly with straight pants for pliers. You can also choose classic colors like black or navy blue, for a timeless elegance that suits all occasions, whether during the day or in the evening.

The sailor with shorts

www.bylouise.frFor all those who like to wear their pretty legs, shorts can perfectly associate with the sailor and get out of its classic look associated with summer denim shorts. For the days marked by mid-season, simply give free rein to your creativity. Regarding our favorites…? We succumb for overlays! Bold at will, they are distinguished from the ordinary, while remaining incredibly elegant when choosing the right pieces and that they are adapted to its morphology. We help you!

Put on a long shirt in the straight or oversize cut, on which you superimpose your marin. Then put on your most beautiful shortage shorts and let the magic operate! Leave to exceed the bottom of your shirt as well as the collar, if your sweater allows you and associate everything with boots or sneakers. For a very chic overlapping, bet on tone again! Opt for a sweater with a straight cut, uphill collar, as well as straight cut shorts and heels of the same color ... Whether in white, black or navy blue. You will be undeniably chic in this outfit.

The sailor with a long skirt

www.bylouise.frAlthough the sailor is very often associated with pants or jeans, this emblematic piece is perfect with a long skirt. This combination allows you to create a resolutely feminine look and offers many possibilities to express your creativity with trendy styles. If you like daring styles, you will probably be seduced by the combination of an animal, floral or geometric print skirt with your sailor. It's surprising, but incredibly stylish! However, pay attention to the combination of details. If you opt for prints, choose A Fine Striper Marinière To get a chic and feminine look.

For a more sober look, but just as feminine, you can opt for a long skirt with the biases, which you associate with a long -sleeved sailor. To perfect this outfit, add a nice long blazer to straight cut in the same tones as your sailor. If you are looking for a very feminine and relaxed look, combine a tight long skirt with a marining sweater for a charming silhouette. Whether it is a satin skirt, in denim or on a pattern, there are many possibilities to create a superb set with a sailor and a skirt.

The sailor with a short skirt

www.bylouise.frWith a resolutely female audacity, the short skirt stands out as the key word of any outfit which aspires to stand out. However, it can sometimes be difficult to marry it harmoniously or even find the ideal skirt that agrees with our desires or our morphology. No worries ! If you are looking for a style that is both trendy and timeless succumb to the association of a sailor With a small imitation leather skirt, accompanied by elegant black boots and a trench, is the perfect solution. For an even more daring touch, let yourself be seduced by a short right skirt, magnified by a lovely long sailor sweater. The latter will superimpose the skirt, thus offering a slight foray of a few centimeters to create an effect of superposition of unparalleled elegance. Complete everything with high socks and boots, and voila.


Our advice to shine with a sailor

If formerly, the sailor was readily loaned to the male look, it has now been a place of choice in the female universe, thus becoming a mixed room of undeniable timelessness. However, it may sometimes seem delicate to wear it with style and assert yourself through this iconic piece. Whether with jeans, pants, shorts, skirt or dress, the possibilities of association of your outfit with a sailor is endless.

Favor classic colors

For a real master stroke, favor classic colors when you compose your look with a sailor. Timeless shades such as navy, white or black are safe choices that bring natural sophistication to your outfit. By betting on these emblematic colors, you make sure an elegant look, subtly anchored in the heritage of the sailor. In addition, keep in mind not to exceed three main colors in your outfit. This simple and effective style rule will allow you to maintain visual harmony while avoiding excess. Opt for complementary shades that go well with your sailor, while keeping the balanced and coherent whole.

The tone on your tone

Dare to play with tone on tone shades. Associate a sailor with another garment in the same chromatic range. This subtle harmony of colors creates a refined aesthetic and reveals your sense of detail. Whether by opting for a deep navy blue with a sailor Slightly lighter or by combining variations in broken white, the tone on tone offers subtle and sophisticated elegance.

The daring touch

Do not be afraid to express your audacity through the look that will make up your sailor. Add a touch of originality by opting for unexpected details such as the imitation leather or the association of another pattern. Also experiment with alternative cuts, center the short and long. Let your personality express themselves and give your sailor a unique dimension that reflects your self -confidence.

Your morphology

Take into account your morphology during the association of your sailor with other pieces. If you have a thinner silhouette, favor an adjusted sailor that will highlight your curves. For a more generous morphology, opt for a slightly larger sailor who offers comfort and visual balance. Do not forget to play with the proportions by associating your sailor with additional parts that will enhance your strengths and subtly camouflage your insecurity areas.


Accessorization is the key to perfecting your outfit with a sailor. Add final touches that accentuate your style with delicate jewelry that subtly enhances your neckline or add a belt to highlight your waist. Do not forget to choose accessories that harmonize with the aesthetics of your sailor, whether it is a handbag.


9 inspiration of trendy looks with a sailor


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