The woman is a force alone.

"Fashion, is much more than a simple choice of outfit. It is a way of expressing expressions, revealing your personality and asserting yourself. And if you are one of those who like to wear trendy and daring pieces, that dare to powerful patterns and colors, then By Louise is made for you " - Louise

Who are we ?

A team of enthusiasts, inspired by the values ​​that animated our designer, Louise, since the beginnings of the brand. This strong and daring visionary woman was able to instill in By Louise, a unique state of mind, based on creativity, originality and audacity.

The story of By Louise, made of perseverance, efforts and passion, deeply marked our team and fed our commitment. We are animated by the desire to offer avant-garde products, sublimated by daring concepts, which reflect our creativity and our commitment to quality.

Each clothing By Louise is a tribute to the strong, surprising and daring woman and the history of the brand. An expression of our creativity and our passion, the fruit of meticulous work, carried out with passion and rigor.

Our philosophy consists in celebrating women in all its diversity, by encouraging audacity and success for those who dare to get started. We are not pleased to offer simple clothes, we offer a real invitation to self -confidence and audacity.


Self 2020

Single: 2020

Adventurer in the soul, and animated by her thirst for entrepreneurship, Louise dreams of conceiving her own Parisian cloakroom.

In parallel with its activity as a manager in a recruitment firm, the dream materializes in 2020 with the birth of By Louise Who comes to challenge his daily life through the online sale of daring pieces.

Very quickly, his spouse and his sister-in-law, Willy and Abi, join the adventure and bring their sales and marketing knowledge to By Louise.

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First Steps

After having overcome, with limited resources, the challenges that entrepreneurship can represent, By Louise meet his first real success with The Louise skirt. A piece worked with daring patterns and colors, which has conquered a good number of dressings!

The first partnership with a logistics provider is launched and thus ensures the quality of customer orders.

2021: The Emperage team ...

After having worked for 2 years at the appearance of those of Steeve Jobs in his garage in 1970, success and perseverance brought Louise's team, Willy and Abi to develop in the first premises! The brand materializes and brings new concepts by offering a collection outing per month with its customers and unique meetings that will make it successful.

March 04, 2022: Happy events

March 4, 2022 will remain engraved in the brand's memories. The first corner By Louise Settles in the Galeries Lafayettes Haussmann and now offers these online and store pieces!

The perfect timing does not exist, this special day was marked by a large event for two young parents: the birth of Louise's daughter and Willy, the same day in the installation of the corner, for their greatest happiness.

2023: The team is growing

Strong of the success encountered, By Louise continues its development by strengthening its team with the arrival of 3 new poles: communication, sales and after -sales service. This strategic approach testifies to the will to By Louise To better meet the needs and requests of its customers, by offering quality services and by offering an optimal shopping experience.

The implementation of these new expertise centers makes it possible in particular to strengthen the presence of the brand in the Galeries Lafayette, where it is now available in 7 different points of sale!

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Much more than fashion, By Louise is a universe of audacity

By Louise, it is a real invitation to self -confidence and audacity. We offer varied and incredibly colorful collections, where each piece is an ode to femininity and assertive personality.

The patterns are powerful, the colors vibrant. Everything is thought of so that every woman can feel beautiful and sure of her, whether in summer on the beach, going to a business meeting or dancing all night during a Funny evening. By Louise, it is the assurance of never going unnoticed, to make an impression and to leave an indelible imprint in your path.

What is remarkable with us? We are not content to offer simple clothes. Our philosophy of life? We celebrate women in all its diversity, where audacity is encouraged and where success is at the start of those who dare to get started. Choose By Louise, it is to join a community of strong and inspiring women, who believe in their potential. Dare to go out of the beaten track and say as the strong and daring personality you are!


At the house of By Louise, we consider that women are a force alone, a source of inspiration by nature.

Our addresses

BHV Le Marais

1st floor

Monday to Saturday - 10 a.m. / 8 p.m.

Sunday - 11:00 a.m.

The Chesnay BHV Parly II

1st floor

Monday to Saturday - 10:00 a.m. / 8:30 p.m.

Sunday - 11:00 a.m.

Galeries Lafayette Bordeaux

2nd Floor

Monday to Saturday - 10 a.m. / 8 p.m.

Sunday - 11:00 a.m.

Galeries Lafayette Nice

Ground floor

Monday to Saturday - 10 a.m. / 8 p.m.

Sunday - 11 a.m. / 8 p.m.


1st floor

Monday to Saturday - 10h00 / 20h00

Galeries Lafayette Rennes

2nd Floor

Monday to Saturday - 10 a.m. / 8 p.m.

Le Vestiaire Parisien now has 6 points of sale! Visit us and immerse yourself in the world of By Louise. Preview our new collections and enjoy trying on exclusive pieces.

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