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Backless dress: how to adopt it?

Sublimate your chest or back? We would tend to prefer our neckline, which is often the first choice, but let our back be talked about! Real weapon of seduction, its...

Dress with a halter topSublimate your chest or back? We would tend to prefer our neckline, which is often the first choice, but let our back be talked about! Real weapon of seduction, its potential sensual is simply irresistible, and yet too often underestimated. The back-naked, a symbol of femininity, turns out to be the essential that transcends all the seasons: dresses and t-shirts revealing the back for spring and summer, plump sweaters in the back for autumn and winter … Pieces perfectly refined To meet all the requirements, which invite you to no longer fear reveal your back. Because believe us, a beautiful dress with a halter top has the power to change the whole situation.

Maybe you miss a touch of confidence to get started? So let us guide you through All the secrets of the Dos-Nune dress. You will quickly become addicted, because these models are suitable for all women, without exception.


The bare back dress according to your morphology

The DOS-NU Dress can be a real headache for many of us. The same questions often come back: "Can we wear a bare back dress with a strong chest?" ", While others, on the contrary, will not dare to wear the back dress, considering having a" too small "chest. So how do you wear a bare back dress depending on your morphology?

Morphology in H

Morphology in HIf your silhouette is of type H - where the hips and shoulders are perfectly aligned with an unmarked size - it is recommended to avoid the arched cuts which accentuate the size. On the contrary, opt for Straight cuts which will extend your figure in finesse. To enhance your body in all subtlety, a back dress with the straight cut will therefore be your ally of choice.

 Morphology in 8

If your figure is in 8 - luscious silhouette, generous chest and wide hips, but marked size - you must underline your size And highlight your neckline. We avoid too large dresses, those that are arched in the hips and, of course, turtleneck dresses.

Morphology in X

Morphology in XSimilar to the morphology in 8, the silhouette X is characterized by fine and delicate curves, with a much more marked size which underlines a slender silhouette. Apply the same advice as for the morphology in 8: Flee the dresses with rolled, too large collars that tend to hide your strengths! On the contrary, bet on Cups near the body and highlight your back with a back-fired dress at plunge neckline. This sexy and sensual piece will enhance your silhouette, while subtlely revealing your back.

Morphology has

Morphology hasIf your morphology is in A, you have a well -defined size and opulent hips, but narrower shoulders than hips. To enhance your bust, choose a bare back dress flared, but not too plunging and opt for more models colorful On the chest. Avoid marking your waist too much so as not to unbalance your figure.



Morphology in VIf you have a "V" silhouette characterized by wider shoulders than the size, it is important to enhance your legs and the bottom of your body. This morphology is also defined as "reverse morphology" and is often associated with sports women who have thin legs and slightly wider shoulders. Choose a form-fit back dress trapeze which will not mark your size too much. Favor Fluid materials For a slender and graceful silhouette.

Morphology in o

Morphology in OIf you have a "o" morphology with wide hips, narrow shoulders and a little marked size, it is important to choose naked back dresses Fluid materials To highlight you. Summer offers a wide choice of models that will marry your shapes. Opt for Straight cuts, without prints, and favor sober colors.


How to wear the bare back dress?

First of all, a nice back goes through impeccable skin! To get A bright and soft back, it is important to pay particular attention to this part of the body in your daily care routine. Use suitable products and brushes during shower to exfoliate your skin and eliminate dead cells. Specific soaps will hydrate your skin and restore all the flexibility necessary to avoid annoying small pimples. Although taking care of your back is not easy to do yourself, it can be simpler with help. You can also add a few drops oil From baby or olive to your bath to maintain the beauty of your skin.

If you don't have time to prepare your skin in advance, do not despair. It is possible to use beauty products that will give you a similar result in no time: exfoliating, illuminator For the body, self-tanning .. subtle solutions to give shine to your skin!

How to adapt your back-naked dress? Accessories, opportunities ...

Diving bare back dressOnce you have selected your dress bare back, the next step is to harmonize it With other trendy pieces of the season. If you opt for a bare back dress in satin, it will blend perfectly with sandals or elegant mules for a look sophisticated in summer, or trendy sneakers for an effect relaxed. When Winter Arrive, don't forget to bet on boots or trendy boots, or pretty pumps for a chic and slender look.

Once you have selected your shoes, it's time to think about accessories. To enhance the bare back of the dress, avoid the shoulder bags which may cut its beautiful effect. Instead, opt for an ultra-trendy baguette bag or an elegant handbag!

Regarding the bra ...

Dress with a halter topOf course, if you opt for a back-dowel dress, do not neglect the choice of your underwear. It is important to choose an adapted bra that will enhance your chest while remaining discreet :

THE adhesive bra is perfect if you have a small chest. It applies directly to your breasts, allowing you to wear a back-naked dress without having to worry about your suspenders.

THE low back bra is an excellent choice for larger breasts that need support. It is tied around the belly, at the bottom of the back, which makes it invisible under your dress.

THE Transparent back bra is also an option, but it does not offer as much maintenance as other types of support. Even if the back of the bra is transparent, it can be slightly visible closely.

THE removable bra is ideal if your bare back dress has a collar. You can hang your strap around your neck and leave your back free.



There dress DOS-NU is a versatile room that can be worn both in summer and winter, for outfits casual or more opportunities dressed. To wear a bare back dress, it is important to choose a model that suits your morphology and to select appropriate underwear. For an elegant evening, heels are essential to complete your look, while sneakers or sandals can be a more suitable choice for a relaxed outfit in summer.

Regarding accessories, it is recommended not to do too much and to favor parts delicate And refined. If you have long hair, opt for a hairstyle that highlights your back, like a bun, a side braid or twists.


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