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How to wear our oversized sweater this winter?

Fashion trends are not limited to the color and texture of clothes, but also extend to their cut. The dazzling return of the eighties highlights its oversized pieces which are...

In winter, among the essential essentials, proudly sits the precious large sweater. Beyond its saving role against colds, it brings warmth and comfort to all our outfits. And let's not mistake us, the cold cannot be an excuse to neglect our innate meaning of style! Admittedly, it is not always easy to select the adequate cup of our outfits. A bad decision could compromise the harmony of our silhouette. Is it a question of morphology or personal preferences? We tell you everything about the popularity of the oversized mesh!

Fashion trends are not limited to the color and texture of clothes, but also extend to their cut. The dazzling return of the eighties highlights its oversized pieces which are dried up in real stars this season. Thus, the reign of the tight sweater has been bowing, giving way to the triumphant reign of the oversized sweater! We revel in snuggle up, while he married harmoniously to almost all our winter outfits. However, you have to know how to grant it to your outfit and morphology in order to harmonize your style and silhouette. And on this subject ... you may consider The oversize sweater Like a perilous trend, due to its generous proportions? Think again ! We give you all our advice here.


Where does this "oversize" wave come from?

When the mercury borders on the abyss of the thermometer, calls him cozy of the big mesh is imposed on us. For several seasons already, we succumb for sweaters, and not only, with XXL dimensions, which envelop us in their stitches to face the cold as it should be. And since fashion is an eternal restart, the trend is prolonged in 2023. Oversize models will always be adored, carried by the nostalgic breeze from the 80s and 90s. However, just like the other basic pieces of our locker room, it must be chosen with care, taking into account our morphology, in order to avoid being drowned in too large clothes. But where does this oversize trend come from?

This term in vogue means clothes designed in deliberately disproportionate proportions. To fully grasp this trend, let's go back during the 90s, an era when streetwear reigned supreme. Baggy jeans, XXL sweatshirts and endless t-shirts (yes, yes, really very long) kicked off this oversized revolution. Whether in the music industry or on the prestigious fashion week podiums, the ample silhouettes have imposed themselves, thus marking their imprint in the fashion world.

By browsing various collections of major brands, whether premium or large public, a certainty bursts: generalized weariness towards the too narrow, too short, too short silhouettes ... The current trends are resolutely turned to the oversized, a Bringing large, comfortable and ventilated clothing. The oversized movement skillfully appropriates the dress codes of the 80s and 90s, reinterpreting them brilliantly to adapt them to our time. This trend stands out as a nod to the worn outfits in the past, in American university campuses. Fashion, of course, but comfort above all! The extra-large universe of fashion offers its fervent followers the joy of feeling good in their outfits above all. No more the eagerness, no more looks too primed: today, we release our movements and breathe in full lungs!

However, mastering the art of wearing oversized clothes with elegance requires certain rules. And the first to follow is as follows: to avoid appearing ridiculous, it is necessary at all costs to avoid the total ultra-large! To do this, privileges a single XL element associated with a more classic and adjusted outfit. There are many possibilities: a loose sweatshirt on a skinny jeans Or a leggings flare under one Oversize blouse. There is no shortage of combinations. Since an oversized garment is already enough eccentric, let's avoid adding too much details or garish colors.

The oversized sweater for women is undeniably a must for your trendy wardrobe! The advantage of oversized fashion lies in its versatility that adapts to all morphologies. Unlike many clothing styles that focus on certain parts of the body, this trend flats all silhouettes. Oversize clothes can even help you hide the areas you prefer not to highlight, while highlighting other characteristics of your body. It's up to you to cleverly handle your outfit to direct the attention where you want!


How to wear our oversized sweater with style?

First of all, it is essential to take into account the fact that, despite its relaxed, almost neglected look, the oversize cannot escape the main style: harmony is essential. Indeed, it is crucial to find the perfect balance between a relatively ample piece and another more adjusted, in order to avoid appearing swallowed up under too large clothes!

To reach this balance, it is necessary to play skillfully with the volumes. If you opt for oversize pants, such as a boyfriend or wide cutting jeans, you can easily balance your outfit by combining a more adjusted top or a crop top. Likewise, if you have a wide wide, a XXL shirt or a Oversize sweater, it is preferable to opt for a relatively adjusted bottom in order to structure your outfit and, by extension, your appearance in general. Thus, a curved dress will harmonize perfectly with a large vest or an oversized coat, while a loose t-shirt will marry ideally with jeans or a skirt near the body that you can go inside to let it fall ... You will understand, the main thing is to bet on the proportions and to create a harmony which will be reflected in your final look!

The oversized sweater associated with a short part

A bold fusion of magnitude and elegance.

Nothing like mastering the art of subtle contrast using a pretty oversized sweater that is associated with a short skirt or shorts! Bold, but totally irresistible. The alliance of a XXL Pull With a short piece creates a fascinating game between the adjusted silhouettes and the large shapes. It is a combination that underlines the harmonious balance between the relaxed mind and the expression of modern femininity. To reach this perfect visual balance, choose with care the shorts or the skirt that will enhance your legs. Opt for short parts at noon, to create a balanced and enigmatic aesthetic. Make sure that the size of the shorts or the skirt is adjusted to maintain the coherence of the whole.

To further accentuate this structured aspect, you can slightly enter the front of the sweater in the size of the shorts or the skirt. This little tip will give the impression of a thoughtful intention in your style, adding a dose of sophistication to your global appearance. Another very assertive style is that of an oversize long sweater which covers a good part of the shorts or your skirt. The latter, or the latter, is then discovered by a few centimeters, bringing a very feminine look. Complete your pretty transparent black tights look and rising boots, and you are ready to stroll all day.

Regarding shoes, boots or sneakers are perfect companions for this daring look. Opt for elegant heeled boots for a touch of refinement, or oversize boots to recall the structured side of your look. For those who never leave their sneakers, opt for a modern and refined model for a more relaxed and urban aspect. Whatever your choice, these shoes will complete the look with a note of modernity and originality. The association of an oversized sweater with shorts or a skirt is a trend that makes fashion podiums vibrate. This daring alliance embodies the balance between ease and elegance, between comfort and refinement.

The oversized sweater with a long skirt

A striking alliance of audacity and femininity.

During the latest Fashion Weeks, this combination was able to captivate looks and assert its essential trend status. To enhance this association, dare to marry the enveloping extent of Oversize sweater With the aerial lightness of a long skirt. Opt for a skirt with fluid and vaporous lines, which contrasts harmoniously with the cocooning side of the sweater. Sweet and delicate materials, such as silk or satin, will bring a luxury note to the whole. To instill an additional dynamic in your outfit, play on subtle details. A fluid and satin skirt will bring a touch of graceful movement with each step. If you aspire to a more daring aesthetic, opt for a long split skirt, subtly revealing your legs with each movement, thus creating a bewitching visual intrigue.

If you want to mark your size, you may succumb, like us, to the moment of the moment identified on social networks! Put on your most beautiful belt and gently fit your sweater inside. Iron the excess material over the belt to hide it. This simple tip will highlight your silhouette and create harmony between the delicate proportions of the skirt and the generosity of the sweater. Thus, you reveal an elegant and relaxed look, highlighting your affirmed style.

Regarding shoes, they are the key to perfect this bold look. For assumed elegance, heeled shoes, whether fine or thicker, will bring a sophisticated touch to the whole. Choose them in matching tones or in subtle contrast with your outfit, creating a visual synergy that will ignite the eye. If you prefer a more relaxed approach, boots will constitute a wise choice. They will breathe a dose of comfort and authenticity into your style, while preserving the very essence of this daring association. Opt for boots in natural materials, such as leather or suede, for a touch of subtle rusticity.

The oversized sweater with jeans

A casual and timeless look.

The secret of this daring look lies in the judicious choice of jeans that flats your unique figure. For fans of the silhouette in X or 8, opt for flare jeans which gracefully emphasizes your female curves. Make sure that its length reaches your shoes, for a very trendy effect. The fluidity of the flare jeans agrees magnificently with the relaxed volume of the Oversize sweater, thus creating a perfect symmetry between the top and the bottom. If you prefer a more relaxed style, slide your feet in trendy sneakers or boots with rebellious charm. This combination merges comfort and style, creating a relaxed-chic look that embodies urban elegance. You will be ready to face a hectic day, while remaining at the tip of fashion.

The association of an oversized sweater with flare or slim jeans is a trendy option that we will like to wear this fall. Comfortable and easy to associate, this combination is a reflection of a confident and refined attitude. Whether you opt for dizzying heels or more relaxed shoes, your outfit will certainly be a sensation.

Why flare or slim pants? As mentioned above, it is important to balance your silhouette. So with an oversized sweater your build will be perfectly harmonized.

The oversized sweater with pants

A cozy look "Ready for the Office".

With straight pants or carrot, the Oversize sweater Add a touch of relaxation and comfort to your outfit. When you choose your pants, favor a cut that highlights your silhouette, while remaining slightly adjusted in the hips. This subtle formatting brings a touch of structure and sophistication to your combination of the oversized sweater. Once put on, you can once again play with the proportions by gently entering the front of the sweater in the pants. This simple tip creates a neat and balanced silhouette, skillfully highlighting your silhouette.

Regarding shoes, several options are available to you to perfect this look. For the days punctuated by the fall season, you can very well fall for a pretty pair of moccasins or pumps for a neat and feminine look. For a chic and relaxed look, pretty white sneakers are also doing the trick, provided you are quite feminine! For the cooler winter days, pretty rising boots will make the final touch of your look without breaking the style of your outfit. We really like the trend of heeled sock boots.

With straight pants or carrot, the Oversize sweater becomes your ultimate ally to marry chic and relaxation to your outfit. Do not forget to choose pants that highlight your silhouette and put the front of the sweater in the pants for a careful look. Add a belt to highlight your size, and complete the look with pumps for unrivaled elegance, or moccasins for a subtly relaxed style.

The oversized sweater with the imitation leather

A trendy and rock look.

The association of the oversized sweater with imitation leather parts creates a balance between comfort and sophistication. Whether you opt for pants, shorts or a imitation skirt, the association of the imitation leather with a large stitch creates an interesting contrast between the cozy side and enveloping from the sweater and the smooth and daring texture of the similar. Our advice remain the same as for the previous paragraphs. For shorts or a short skirt in imitation leather, your outfit will appear structured and daring. Be careful not to choose something too short. Choose just what it takes in length to enhance each part of your outfit. On the other hand, for the followers of the long skirt, favor a pencil skirt to illuminate your silhouette when it is associated with an oversized sweater. This choice guarantees a resolutely feminine and daring look, capable of sublimating all the silhouettes with brilliance. Finally, if you decide to bet on imitation leather pants, opt for a slim, straight or carrot cut in order to preserve the harmonious balance of your silhouette. The goal is to maintain a balanced look, without risking unbalance your proportions.

The oversized sweater and the dress

A feminine and daring look.

The latest Fashion Weeks revealed a trend that is both daring and incredibly elegant: the oversized sweater turns into a dress, thus offering a modern and striking alternative. The secret lies in the choice of perfectly suited sweater. Opt for a generous length, which will allow you to wear it as a dress, and make sure it marries the contours of your silhouette. We also observe a trend for long oversized shirts or simply long shirt dresses that we associate below an XXL sweater. You structure your outfit and bring it a new dimension. To mark this structured side and underline your silhouette, do not hesitate to belt your sweater at the waist. This subtle touch will bring an additional dimension to your look, while highlighting your femininity.

To perfect your fall style, dare the high boots. They will add a sophisticated note to your outfit, while their seasonal look will go perfectly with your XXL sweater. If you prefer a more relaxed look, do not underestimate the power of white sneakers. When associated with a dress pull, they breathe young and dynamic energy at your pace.

For an even more marked and daring trend, you can also associate a pretty dress that marries your shapes, with an oversized sweater that you put on it. Still unpopular recently, we now observe looks of dresses associated with striking sweaters. On the other hand, this trend respects certain codes. Prefer a dress near the body and united color which will be enhanced and will enhance your sweater. We love the look of the long satin dress with an oversized cropped sweater. You can also reproduce the belt technique at the waist to mark your feminine look.

To finalize your look with panache, choose boots or heeled boots in the occasion.

Whether you choose to wear the sweater as a dress in its own right or in superposition with an adjusted dress, the main thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit. Experience, create and reinvent your style by being inspired by these captivating trends from the latest Fashion Weeks. After all, fashion is a game that allows your creativity to express themselves freely.


Our oversize advice

As we know, the oversized trend is a party took. If you are indecisive as to the way of adopting the oversize style, try to add a overtime jacket or coat over an outfit in which you feel comfortable. If you are tall and slender, you will have no problem creating an oversized outfit worthy of the name! However, if you are relatively small in size, we advise you to favor wide rather than long parts, because the latter would risk tasting you, or even make you disappear completely under your clothes.

The important thing in an oversized look is, once again, to balance your silhouette in order to create harmony. Exit the entirely oversized outfit. The oversized sweater, or other part of your look depending on the outfit you want to compose, is a very strong room. There is no need to create an oversize full look or overwhelm with petting colors. Obting for a pile of colors or too bright colors could make an outfit already complex even more difficult to master.

To add a touch of style to your oversize look, do not hesitate to play with the accessories. A belt can be a great way to define your size, creating a harmonious balance for your silhouette.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that we should not confuse oversized fashion with large fashion! When you wear loose clothes, it is essential to find a balance, because too large clothes can give an impression of negligence and not be flattering. We therefore recommend that you choose clothes specially designed with the oversize effect. Although the idea of ​​choosing large clothes, two or three sizes above yours, may sometimes seem to be a solution, the textile and fashion industry has adapted, now offering oversize articles made in This spirit.


The oversized sweater in conclusion ...

Oversized mesh, far from falling into oblivion after its effervescence spent on all the podiums, reappears today with renewed power. It embodies the very essence of coolness and absolute comfort. This oversized sweater envelops us in an instant, dissipating all the morning dilemmas in front of our dressing room. Associated with a long skirt, shorts, wide jeans or slim, the perfect oversed mesh our winter silhouette and sublime in the blink of an eye.

Regarding shoes, all audacity is allowed, from the most sulphurous cooking boots to the most trendy pair of sneakers. The most intrepid will dare the twisted mesh in bright and brilliant colors.


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