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How to wear the sweater dress with style?

Undoubtedly, when it is 10 degrees or less, it is difficult to imagine strolling in the streets of the city dressed in a light dress with long sleeves. It is...

The sweater dress, this essential of the winter wardrobe, can sometimes arouse some apprehension. Its warm and enveloping appearance may seem difficult to control, and some fear its unflattering effect which would risk transforming them into real "lifting wool balls", because too hot, because too hot or too tangling ... for the most removing 'Between you, here is an article that will reconcile you with the sweater dress for this winter.

Undoubtedly, when it is 10 degrees or less, it is difficult to imagine strolling in the streets of the city dressed in a light dress with long sleeves. It is undoubtedly this reality, combined with a strong desire to highlight your legs despite the cold, which gave birth to the dress pull extremely practical. Adored by some and reprobate by others, this fall piece remains a perfect compromise to exhibit a short look without undergoing the climate of the season too much. Here is a brief guide to easily wear it on a daily basis.


The story of the sweater dress

In the vast fashion landscape, some clothing pieces have managed to transcend eras and become essential. Among them, the sweater dress occupies a privileged place. As comfortable as it is elegant, it has established itself as a centerpiece of our winter wardrobes.

The rise of the sweater dress took place in the 1920s when Coco Chanel introduced the concept of relaxed fashion. Originally, the sweater dress was mainly intended for male use, but over time, it conquered the female locker room and has become a symbol of emancipation and freedom with  The evolution of dress codes that have paved the way for new bold trends. Worn with tights and boots, she represented a relaxed but chic style, in perfect adequacy with the spirit of the time.

The sweater dress Then had a revival of popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, when fashion turned to more relaxed and androgynous silhouettes. Tricots in fine and light mesh have appeared, offering a new dimension to the sweater dress. The geometric patterns, daring stripes and bright colors were in the spotlight, creating a style that is both retro and avant-garde.

Nowadays, the sweater dress continues to seduce fashion enthusiasts around the world (and the greatest cautious). It has adapted to current trends by offering a variety of cuts, lengths and textures. From arched versions and close to the body with oversized models, the sweater dress adapts to all tastes and all morphologies. Designers have also explored new materials and techniques, integrating details such as cuts, slits and embellishments to give a modern touch to this classic piece.


The sweater dress, why, for whom?

Indeed, why The swallow dress ? On the one hand, we had the winter dresses, on the other, the hot sweaters. Although today we like to associate a pretty satin dress with a slightly oversized sweater over it, it was necessary to attend the birth of the sweater dress one day. At first, it was just one more model in our wardrobe, informed and without much interest. When fall sets in and the cold is felt, fashion becomes an essential ally to face the seasons in style. Among the essential parts that wrap us in softness and comfort, the sweater dress stands out for its versatility. Much more than a simple garment for winter, she embodies an invitation to snuggle up in a soft stitch caress, to protect herself from bad weather while remaining resolutely chic. With its cozy texture and its cocooning side, the sweater dress transports us to a comfort bubble where we can curl with elegance. But today, the mesh dress lives up in a fine and light version. If you think the dress pull For women is not made for you because you are "too thin", "too round", "too large" or  That you "have a little belly", think again! The black dress is available in so many ways that each morphology finds their happiness there. You just have to know a few tips that change everything.


The sweater dress how to choose it?

The mesh dress turns out to be our infallible ally to remain elegant, even when the weather makes its own. However, we must be careful, because it can quickly pack our silhouette, wrap us in an unflattering way or conceal our assets if it is poorly chosen or badly adjusted. Whether short or long, thick or light, oversize or near the body, it offers so many variations that each finds their happiness. And as a bonus, The mesh dresses Follow the latest winter trends in fashion. Impossible to be wrong.

Start with length

Make your choice according to your size. If you are large, the long or half-long-length dress will simply be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are rather small, favor short or mid-thigh models to extend your silhouette. Of course, this does not mean that large women cannot opt ​​for short dresses, or that small women cannot choose long dresses. It all depends above all on your personal preferences. Whether it's a short, long or noon dress, which is great with the mesh dress is that you have a multitude of options at your disposal.

Choose the model that suits you

You are quite … tight Or oversized, in fine or thick mesh? Trust your desires and what gives you the most comfort. However, let's pay special attention to the oversized pieces that continue to shine this season. Do you want to enhance your size? Opt for a short or noon model with a belt. To sublimate your chest, focus on the collar: turtleneck or uphill collar dresses will highlight the small breasts by creating a large-scale illusion, while round-neck or v-neck models will sublimate the generous breasts.

Regarding colors, prefer beige, gray, taupe, powdery pink neutral shades this year. For a brighter and ultra trendy color this winter, we succumb to red!

If you have a round silhouette, avoid the oversized parts and opt for an adjusted model, preferably in dark or united shades. Choose a length that hides your complexes (or not!), Depending on what makes you most comfortable. If you have a generous chest, we do not recommend the rolled passes; Instead, favor passes that give off the neck. Also avoid large meshes or imposing patterns which tend to accentuate volumes. On the contrary, bet on fine and vertical meshes for a flattering effect.


The sweater dress how to wear it?

A classic look

For a classic and timeless look, let yourself be seduced by simple and effective shades such as taupe, beige, brown, black or white. The classic never goes out of fashion, so it will be easier for you to find the dress that suits you perfectly. Preferably opt for a long or lunchtime dressing dress, embellished with a slit, which you can associate with superb rising boots for a reinforced feminine style. To face the cold in style, choose a long coat with the straight or oversize cut which will add an undeniable dimension to your pace. And if you want to add a slightly more rocky and incredibly trendy touch to your look, python effects will be your perfect ally! Do not forget to select your dress according to your morphology in order to always obtain an irresistible look that highlights you.

A Sportswear look

For a sportswear look that does not go unnoticed, it is undeniable that the oversized down jacket has made a dazzling return to the podiums in recent months. With sleeves, sleeveless or removable, it turns into a real sportswear fashion accessory when associated with a prolong. For a trendy overlapping, add a sweatshirt dress over your shirt and let it stand out. If necessary, add a belt to enhance your silhouette, and opt for beautiful rising boots or thigh boots to further feminize your look. To perfect your outdoor outfit, the Oversize down jacket will be the ideal final touch. Do not forget to refine your accessories: opaque tights and jewelry play a crucial role in bringing the final touches to your style and completing your pace with elegance.

A chic look

For a look of undeniable elegance, The long dress in fine mesh is undoubtedly your best choice. Favor a cut near the body that will gracefully marry your curves and your silhouette, while its length will extend your appearance with infinite grace. When you venture into the streets of your city, opt for heeled boots or pumps that will assert your chic, sensual and feminine style with confidence. To challenge the winter frost, dress in a long-sleeved cape coat or put on a lovely trench coat. To perfect your outfit, add a magnificent pair of earrings and a mesh necklace that will bring the final touch to your look. With this harmonious combination, you will be ready to illuminate each street that you are walking from your distinguished presence.

An evening look sweater dress Can be perfectly a piece that adapts for an evening outfit!  In addition to being daring and captivating for an evening, it offers you the opportunity to stay warm while braving the coldest nights with undeniable elegance. You just have to go off the beaten track to create a bold, chic and feminine look by combining a sweater dress with your style. If you still can't visualize, imagine a long or noon dress that perfectly matches your figure. For a more rock'n roll touch, opt for an open dress on the side or in the back, or even an asymmetrical dress. Complete your look with glitter heeled sandals, a neat or worked hairstyle, a sparkling evening cover and bright and sparkling jewelry. And now, voila ! To inspire yourself, take example on the dress worn by Kate Hudson to the People's Choice Awards. With such an outfit, you will be the star of the evening, irresistibly chic and bewitching.

A casual and cocooning look

When looking for a look that is both relaxed and comfortable, it is possible to abandon the heels and ankle boots in favor of delicious white sneakers that will breathe a casual touch into your outfit. Add tights to brown or black tones, and opt for a sweater dress that will wrap you in softness and perfectly correspond to your morphology. To perfect your look, add a belt that will underline your silhouette, a perfecto jacket for a rebellious style note, and make a pretty hairstyle that will highlight your face. And now, voila ! You will be ready to face the day with a casual and cocooning look, without compromise on style and comfort.


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