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How to wear the turtleneck

When the first chills interfere, announcing the imminent arrival of winter, it is time to get our secret weapons out of the cabinet: the sweaters. But for those who want...

When the first chills interfere, announcing the imminent arrival of winter, it is time to get our secret weapons out of the cabinet: the sweaters. But for those who want to combine warmth and elegance with flawless precision, the infallible choice is undoubtedly on the turtleneck. A real fashion chameleon, this room perfectly accommodates all the winter parts of your dressing room. Jackets, skirts, jeans, it offers them a perfect alliance. Adored by the followers of classic looks, it becomes the best ally of the cold season, an absolute timeless. Sophistication and comfort meet harmoniously thanks to this piece of mesh.

Modest appearance, The turtleneck actually hides unrivaled versatility. Regardless of the season, he turns out to be the jewel of our wardrobe when the cold settles. It is carried thick to face the winter or fine weather for a more delicate touch, with ample and enveloping or adjusted silhouettes, marrying each curves. Cozy wool, light cotton, oversized or curved, the turtleneck sweater offers you the opportunity to brave frost while remaining at the tip of fashion. Whether in the office, during the day or in the evening, ladies, here are some tips to enhance your seasonal looks with a turtleneck.


The turtleneck, why?

Its versatility

Turtleneck sweaterWhat makes this room so attractive is its ability to adapt to a multitude of opportunities and styles. Whether you are looking for a relaxed outfit for an ordinary day or a more dressed look for a special occasion, the turtleneck is a wise choice. For a relaxed outfit, it is easy to associate with adjusted jeans and sneakers just like, for a more dressed outfit, the turtleneck Combines as easily with a pleated skirt as an elegant pants. In addition, the turtleneck sweater offers additional protection against the cold while keeping your neck warm during the cool mid-season days. Made from soft and hot materials, the turtleneck allows you to stay comfortable while being elegant. Whether you wear it alone or as an additional layer under a jacket or a coat, it will offer you pleasant heat and protect you from fresh temperatures.

Its power of adaptation and transformation is simply amazing. Relaxed with jeans or pants, it breathes a casual chic look into your daily outfits. Sweeping your body, it creates a comfortable and trendy silhouette, ideal for facing everyday challenges while remaining elegant. But don't let yourself be deceived by its simple and refined appearance, because The turtleneck hides many surprises. When associated with more formal parts, it is transformed into a sophisticated and elegant asset for more dressed occasions. Its adjusted collar and cozy texture make it a perfect choice for your day and night outfits.

Associated with an adjusted leather jacket or a long and fluid coat, it offers an additional dose of heat and style during the colder months. This daring combination creates a set of textures and volumes, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to your outfit. Do not hesitate to play with color contrasts and patterns to give your look an avant-garde and captivating look.

The turtleneck turns into a real style totem, both comforting and irresistibly chic. It really embodies the very essence of timeless elegance. It transcends eras and ephemeral trends to become an essential pillar of the modern wardrobe. With his unequaled versatility, he established himself as a centerpiece to adopt without hesitation.

Its classic elegance

The turtleneck perfectly embodies the essence of classic elegance. Its neat and refined appearance instantly gives undeniable sophistication of each outfit. Whether it is worn near the neck for a formal or folded effect for a more relaxed neckline, it evokes a timeless charm that transcends fashion changes.

Turtleneck sweaterBut this season, the turtleneck is not content to remain faithful to its classic roots. The latest Fashion Weeks revealed a breath of creativity and audacity that reinvents this essential wardrobe. Designers have pushed the limits by offering Rolled collar In luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, silk and velvet, adding a touch of glamor to this timeless piece. The cuts have also diversified, offering versions near the body to underline the female silhouette, but also oversized models which bring a modern and relaxed dimension or even bare back for a more glamorous version. For the daring, the turtlenecks are even adorned with vibrant patterns and prints. From daring stripes to geometric patterns, including floral and animal prints, this season is an explosion of colors and patterns, transforming the turtleneck into a real iconic room to find for our wardrobe.

The turtleneck embodies much more than a simple garment. It is a symbol of timeless elegance, capable of adapting to all situations with disconcerting ease.


The turtleneck, for whom?

Morphology has

Turtleneck sweaterCharacterized by narrower shoulders than hips, the turtleneck presents itself as a precious ally to harmoniously balance your silhouette, skillfully attracting the upper body. To obtain an optimal result, favor models of turtleneck Adjusted to the size, in order to enhance this area and create an illusion of volume on your shoulders. Complete your set by playing with the additional parts that highlight your morphology in A. Opt for elegant pants on a straight cut, in order to subtly emphasize your hips while bringing a balanced line to your silhouette. The flared skirts or the fluid dresses, slightly curved at the waist, create visual harmony while adding a subtle femininity to your pace.

Accessorize your look with finesse by opting for deliciously chosen belts or jewelry. These well -placed accents will help draw attention to your bust and visually balance your silhouette.


Turtleneck sweaterCharacterized by wider shoulders than hips, The turtleneck Maybe your ally. It helps to balance the silhouette by emphasizing the upper body while creating an elegant look. Opt for adjusted models that highlight your line. Indeed, this judicious choice can really become your ally to harmoniously balance your silhouette, while giving a resolutely elegant look. One of the keys to a successful association with brilliance is the choice of adjusted models. Opt for turtlenecks that gently marry your body lines, highlighting your silhouette. The cuts near the body have the power to delicately emphasize your assets, while creating a visual harmony between your bust and your hips.

The effect obtained thanks to turtleneck is doubly beneficial: it highlights your neck and shoulders, drawing attention to this area often considered as a real asset of femininity. At the same time, it makes it possible to visually offset your silhouette, thus creating an illusion of balance between the top and the lower body.

Complete your set by opting for additional parts that will enhance your morphology in V. High -waisted pants and flared skirts are wise choices to create visual harmony between your bust and your hips. Do not hesitate to accessorize your outfit with a subtly placed belt, which will highlight your size and add an additional sophistication note.

The turtleneck is revealed as a real weapon of style for women with morphology by V. By emphasizing the upper body and balancing the proportions, it allows to create an elegant and harmonious look.

Morphology in H

Turtleneck sweaterFor those that display a morphology in H, characterized by shoulders aligned with hips, the turtleneck can play an essential role by providing structure and volume at your pace. One of the keys to taking advantage of this in -style trend is to choose Rolled -collar sweaters With interesting details. Opt for models that offer various textures, daring patterns or bulky sleeves, in order to create the subtle illusion of curves and add dynamism to your silhouette. Textures play a crucial role in creating volume and dimension. Choose turtlenecks in thick mesh to bring a certain density to your outfit, or opt for textured models such as the twisted Or the ribbed knit to add depth to your look. These textured details allow you to break with the linearity of the H silhouette and add a touch of sophistication. Regarding the sleeves, bet on voluminous details to give relief at your pace. Flooring sleeves, structured shoulder shoulders or ball sleeves are all options that can bring an additional dimension to your outfit. These elements draw attention to the upper body, thus creating a more visually balanced silhouette.

Do not hesitate to complete your look by playing with other pieces that will highlight your morphology in H. Opt for adjusted pants or straight skirts to maintain the balance of your silhouette. Add a belt to subtly emphasize your size and create an illusion of curves. And of course, don't forget to play with accessories such as shoes, bags or jewelry to add a touch of personality to your style.

Morphology in X

Turtleneck sweaterFor the morphology in X, which is characterized by shoulders and hips of balanced width with a marked size, the turtleneck presents itself as a flattering choice which will highlight your natural curves. To highlight your silhouette in X, favor sweatshirts Rolled neck that highlights your marked size. Opt for curved or belted models and close to the body that will accentuate this characteristic and create a feminine and elegant silhouette.

Given that the morphology in X is already balanced, it is preferable to avoid too large turtleneck sweaters or the exaggerated details which could unbalance the silhouette. Instead, opt for more adjusted models that highlight your natural curves without creating excessive volume. This will maintain the visual harmony of your silhouette while adding a touch of sophistication and sobriety to your look.

Morphology in o

For O morphology in O, which is characterized by generous curves and a less marked size, opt for turtlenecks made in fluid materials which gently marry your curves without accentuating them excessively. Fabrics such as silk, jersey or light knit can bring a touch of lightness and fluidity to your silhouette. Avoid rigid or thick materials that could create a stripping effect.

Turtleneck sweaterAlthough it is important to enhance your curves, it is preferable to avoid Rolled -collar sweaters Too tight that could emphasize excessively on certain areas of your body. Instead, opt for slightly larger cuts that offer visual balance and freedom of movement while remaining flattering. Favor slightly loose cuts. Lightly large -scale turtleneck models can be particularly flattering for O morphologies. They allow you to create a balanced silhouette while providing a touch of comfort and relaxation to your look. The slightly oversized cuts, the models with subtle folds or delicate gathers can add an interesting dimension to your outfit.

Play with necklines: to diversify your style, plan to explore turtleneck With delicately worked necklines. Details such as V -necks or outlined necklines can contribute to visually extend your silhouette and enhance your bust. This can also bring a touch of elegance and femininity to your look.


The turtleneck, with what?

For a casual look

Turtleneck sweaterThe casual look… This perfect combination of comfort and style embodies relaxed elegance to its best. First, choose a neck rolls to the straight cut. This timeless cut offers a clean silhouette that adapts perfectly to a casual style. Opt for soft and quality materials, such as wool or cashmere, for optimal comfort. Neutral colors like gray, beige or black are versatile choices that harmonize easily with other pieces of your wardrobe.

Combine your turtleneck with jeans or pants on a straight cut. These essential basics add a touch of simplicity and sophistication to your look. Opt for slim jeans for a more adjusted look, or prefer straight cut pants for a more relaxed and fluid style. To complete this casual-chic look, opt for sock boots, very trendy lately. These trendy shoes offer a perfect mixture between comfort and contemporary style. They adjust like a second skin at your feet, creating an elegant and modern silhouette. Choose leather sock boots from neutral tones such as black, brown or gray for a refined finish.

Accessorize your outfit with discreet and elegant parts. A leather belt matching your sock boots can add a sophisticated final touch. Minimalist jewelry such as a delicate necklace or thin earrings perfectly complete the casual-chic look.

For a chic look

Turtleneck sweaterFor a chic look, we opt for an association between our most beautiful turtleneck and a blazer. This elegant combination combines the warm comfort of the turtleneck with the timeless sophistication of a blazer, thus creating a refined and trendy look. Opt for an adjusted cut for an elegant effect, but make sure the fabric is thick enough to keep you warm. Materials such as cashmere or wool offer sweetness and luxurious appearance. Then associate your turtleneck with a blazer set. Opt for a well -cut and structured blazer that will highlight your figure. Classic colors like black, gray or navy are safe choices.

To complete this chic look, add key parts such as a matching pants or skirt to your blazer. Opt for an elegant and adjusted cut for a sophisticated look. Right pants or pencil skirts are versatile options that create a slender and elegant silhouette. Do not forget the accessories to perfect your look. Opt for classic shoes like pumps or high heeled boots to lengthen your silhouette and add a touch of femininity. Delicate jewelry such as a fine necklace or discrete earrings will bring a touch of subtle radiance.

For a glamorous look

Turtleneck sweaterFor a glamorous look, we succumb to the irresistible association of a turtleneck and a long fluid or pencil skirt. This daring combination mixes the comfort of the turtleneck with the femininity of a long skirt, thus creating a glamorous and sophisticated look. First, opt for a quality turtleneck that perfectly matches your figure. Choose a neutral color or a subtle shade that goes harmoniously with the skirt you have chosen. Then choose a long skirt that corresponds to your style and occasionally. A fluid skirt brings aerial elegance to your look, while a pencil skirt underlines your curves and adds a sophistication note. Opt for light fabrics like silk or satin for a more refined look, or choose textured materials such as velvet or leather for a touch of originality.

To complete this glamorous look, think about the details. Add a fine belt to mark your waist and create a feminine and elegant silhouette. High heels or flanged sandals add height and a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Do not forget to accessorize with delicate jewelry such as a fine bracelet or hanging earrings to add a subtle note of shine.

For a rock look

Turtleneck sweaterA tendency to rock and rebellious look to captivate eyes? The daring association of a turtleneck with leather or imitation leather parts will bring a touch of character and "Edgy" style to your look. First, choose a turtleneck in fine mesh or cotton that offers both comfort and versatility. Opt for classic colors like black or gray for a timeless look, or dare more lively shades like red or burgundy for a stronger visual impact. Make sure the turtleneck is adjusted for a more rock appearance.

Then add a flagship leather or imitation piece to intensify your look. A leather perfecto is an iconic choice. Opt for a classic model with metallic details or explore more contemporary versions with asymmetrical cuts or bold zippers. You can also opt for a right leather pants for a rock'n'roll look, or a imitation leather skirt for a catchy contrast.

Complete your look with leather boots or studded boots for a resolutely rock style. Add daring jewelry such as chain bracelets or silver earrings for maximum visual impact.

For a bold look

Top turtleneckDare the bold look to break the classic turtleneck codes! Imagine the association of a nice top lace turtleneck with a satin dress. This unexpected mixture creates a striking effect and offers a unique look that will not fail to captivate looks. Choose a turtleneck in delicate lace that adds a touch of romanticism to your outfit. Then select a satin dress that contrasts harmoniously with the lace top. Choose a dress that highlights your silhouette and corresponds to your personal style. A fluid and light dress brings aerial elegance, while an adjusted dress highlights your female curves.

When you overlap the lace top with the satin dress, make sure that textures and lengths harmonize. You can slightly let the lace turtleneck of the dress neckline to create a subtle but striking superposition. Play with transparency and shine contrasts to add visual depth to your look.


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