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How to wear your skirt in winter?

In autumn, when temperatures drop, it's time to give way to our creativity and our fashion tips to succeed in our daily outfits. The cold should not be an excuse...

In autumn, when temperatures drop, it's time to give way to our creativity and our fashion tips to succeed in our daily outfits. The cold should not be an excuse to abandon our style. No more low -flattering ski combination, we can cover ourselves while staying at the tip of fashion by choosing the right combinations.

And why not dare to wear a skirt even in winter? Yes, you heard right. It is quite possible to create elegant and chic looks with a long winter skirt. Unlike the summer when it is enough to put on a beautiful dress and trendy sandals, the gradual arrival of the cold requires us to devote more time to the creation of comfortable and stylish outfits. But don't worry, we're here to help you. The long winter skirt becomes our flagship idea to enhance your look. This versatile and sophisticated part offers many possibilities for creating both comfortable and cutting -edge sets. Winter is no longer an excuse to sacrifice your style, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to explore new combinations and to stand out with elegance.


Wear a short skirt in winter

When temperatures drop to 5 degrees Celsius and want to wear a mini-skirt, tights become your best ally. Fortunately, today, there are a multitude of models to meet all needs and styles: wool, velvet, ribbed tights, veil, in various colors, satin, or even in technical material. You have the opportunity to try everything, to dare different combinations. Obviously, it is essential to choose tights that agree with the rest of your outfit. If you have a classic style, opt for opaque tights. A black model will be perfectly suited. If you are not afraid of anything, do not hesitate to turn to fancy tights. Bold patterns or colors can really bring a touch of originality to your look.

Good news, the short skirt is relatively easy to wear, even in winter! You can associate it with a blouse, a top, a large sweater or a blazer, depending on the effect sought. Regarding the choice of the winter mantle, it is preferable to avoid intermediate lengths. Instead, opt for a short jacket or a long coat, depending on your preferences and the style you want to adopt. On the shoes side, we advise you to opt for a pair of boots or thigh boots, ideal for keeping your legs warm while remaining elegant. However, you can also create trendy looks by combining your mini-skirt with sneakers, moccasins, boots or even pumps. The important thing is to choose shoes that harmoniously complement your outfit and reflect your personal style.

In summary, carry a mini skirt by temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius asks to choose the right tights to protect yourself from the cold. With the many models available on the market, you can find those that match your style. Combine your skirt with pieces that harmonize well, be it a high, a sweater or a blazer. For shoes, favor boots, thigh boots or sneakers depending on the occasion. Do not be afraid to explore different combinations and express your style with confidence, even in winter.

If you are not a follower or short skirt, nor the long skirt, then the Midi length should suit you perfectly. Often stopped below the knees, this length is perfect for those who are not comfortable with the short. If you opt for a classic midday skirt, you can choose a black model, but we strongly advise you to bet on color. Nothing like bringing a dose of vitality to your winter! Try shades like pink, red or blue, and you will see that the adoption of the color makes all the difference.

Regarding the subject of Midi skirt, let yourself be tempted by leather or wool options, which are perfectly suited to the cold season. Book light materials for spring and summer. Likewise, pastel colors are ideal for a spring look, but during the winter, prefer animal or pea prints, which will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfit. Regarding shoes, we are categorical: opt for trendy boots. Whether it's warders, rider boots or even santiags, the important thing is that the boot covers your calf. The MIDI skirt already creates a break on your figure, so there is no need to add it with boots that stop at the ankle. The boots covering the calf create a more harmonious and balanced line. Do not be afraid to play with the proportions by combining your midi skirt with high varied. You can opt for a knitted sweater for a cozy and chic look, or choose a shirt entering the skirt for a more sophisticated look. Give free rein to your creativity by adding accessories such as a belt to mark the waist, elegant jewelry or a trendy handbag.


Wear a long skirt in winter

Be careful, this is an interesting style challenge: carry the long skirt in winter. Although it may seem complicated at first glance, I assure you that it is quite doable, and even very trendy!

One of the first questions that arises is whether you should wear tights with your long skirt in winter. The answer depends on your comfort and heat level. If you want to protect yourself more from the cold, opt for thick and hot tights that will perfectly complete your outfit. You can choose opaque tights in assorted tones or play on contrasts by opting for colorful or patterned tights to bring a touch of originality. On the other hand, if you do not want to reveal tights, but your pretty skin, you can opt for this chilly tip: put on a leggings under your skirt and go up the bottom of it so that it does not exceed your skirt. Your legs will be at the shelter of the cold and you can enjoy your day in style.

Regarding shoes, you have many options to accompany your long skirt in winter. Boots remain a classic and practical choice. Opt for high boots that cover your legs and create a nice visual balance. You can choose leather boots, rider boots or even heeled boots for a more sophisticated look. If you prefer a relaxation touch, sneakers can also be an interesting option, especially if you associate your long satin or pleated skirt with a comfortable sweatshirt for a chic sportswear look.

Now let's talk about the hot jacket To associate with your long skirt. A long coat is a perfect choice to complete your outfit. Opt for a woolen or down model to effectively protect yourself from the cold. The long coats offer a beautiful visual continuity with the long skirt and create an elegant and elongated silhouette. You can choose a coat in neutral tones for a timeless look or dare to bring a touch of dynamism to your whole.

Finally, don't forget the little details that make all the difference. Accessorize your outfit with jewelry Delicate, a belt to mark the waist or an elegant hat to add a touch of sophistication. Play with textures and overlays by combining your long skirt with mesh sweaters or silk blouses.

In summary, wearing a long skirt in winter may seem complex, but with the right combinations and good clothes of clothes, you can create elegant and warm looks. Whether you opt for a relaxed style with a large sweater and boots, or a sportswear look with a satin skirt and sneakers, the important thing is to feel good and confident in your outfit. So do not hesitate to experiment and let your creativity speak to face winter in style!


How to stylize your winter skirt?

The right color association is a key element to take into account when you create your outfit. This technique can be highlighted by Layering, which consists in superimposing several clothes to adapt to cooler temperatures. However, it is important to master this technique, because it can quickly become a double -edged gun. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises and waste time in the morning, always keep in mind the 3 -colored rule in an outfit: try not to combine more than 3 different colors to avoid an overloaded result.

An interesting idea for a well -matched outfit is to play with seasonal colors. You can combine clothes and accessories in shades of beige, red, brown or green, for example. This approach creates visual harmony and brings a touch of sophistication to your look. To prevent the whole from appearing monotonous, do not hesitate to integrate an element with trendy prints, such as chicken, tiles or animal patterns such as leopard or snake. These reasons add dynamism and personality to your outfit.

For important opportunities or for a clothing style at work, you can always count on the classic duo: white and black. This timeless combination offers undeniable elegance and is suitable for all formal occasions. Opture for a white and black outfit is a way to play the safety card while remaining stylish and sophisticated. Whether for an important meeting or for a working day, this classic duo will never disappoint you.

Take for example the jeans + sweater combo, which is a must of the relaxed wardrobe. To give it a new life, we can bring some creative and daring touches.

A winning formula to reinvent this combo consists in associating a sweater with a long skirt. This combination creates an interesting contrast between the soft and comfortable texture of the sweater and the fluid movement of the skirt. You can opt for an oversize knitted sweater, associated with a pleated skirt or a silk skirt. This juxtaposition of styles creates a look that is both relaxed and elegant, perfect for different occasions.

The dress inspiration must always be suitable for the occasion. If you plan a walk in the city center, you can compose your outfit according to the urban and trendy atmosphere of this environment. For example, you can associate a sports sweatshirt with a Winter long skirt. Complete this streetstyle look by adding a hook hat and a trendy pair of sneakers. This will give you a cool and relaxed look, in perfect harmony with the urban atmosphere.

For a clothing style at work, the options are also varied. Girlboss can opt for an elegant shirt, which they associate with a long pleated skirt. This combination brings a dose of femininity and sophistication, and can be completed by a pair of heeled shoes for a professional and chic look.

For the days when you are in a hurry to go out without spending hours in front of the mirror, the ideal solution is to replace the jeans with a long skirt. You can choose a fluid light fabric skirt and combine it with your favorite sweater for a look that is both practical and aesthetic. This tip will allow you to create a female and cozy look, without having to make too much effort.


The trend of pastel colors is an option not to be overlooked if you want to adopt a soft and feminine aesthetic. Pastel tones provide subtlety and delicacy to your outfit, creating a fresh and romantic look. An elegant way to incorporate these colors into your wardrobe is to choose a skirt in a pastel pink shade, which you can associate with a sleeve blouse in pale green or blue shades. This combination brings a pleasant visual harmony and is an excellent choice for a special occasion or even for a simple promenade in town.

When you opt for pastel tones, it is important to find a balance in your outfit. To avoid appearing too sweet or childish, you can choose parts in modern and structured silhouettes. For example, a pleated skirt Or a pencil skirt in a pastel shade is an elegant and sophisticated choice. Combine it with a light blouse with sleeves with subtle details of matching color, and you will get a refined and trendy look.

For a special occasion, you can play with overlays using different pastel shades in your outfit. For example, a pastel blue dress associated with a lilac or soft mint coat creates a subtle contrast and brings an interesting dimension to your look. Do not forget to choose accessories in neutral or metallic tones to complete your outfit and give it a touch of additional sophistication.

Pastel colors are not limited to clothes. You can also integrate these soft tones into your accessories, such as handbags, shoes or jewelry. Opt for parts in pastel shades that complete your outfit and add a touch of subtle color.

By succumbing to the trend of pastel colors, you will create soft, female and resolutely modern looks. Give free rein to your creativity by experimenting with different combinations of pastel colors and finding your own unique style. Do not be afraid to add touches of contrasts or play with textures to create looks that will make you feel both elegant and confident.

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