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The blazer set for women

The story of the blazer This emblematic garment, whose origins are still discussed today, was originally exclusively reserved for men. However, with the evolution of customs and mentalities, he finally...

The story of the blazer

Day tailor, Vogue 1950 - BalenciagaThis emblematic garment, whose origins are still discussed today, was originally exclusively reserved for men. However, with the evolution of customs and mentalities, he finally joined female dressings at the end of the 19th century.

While society was experiencing profound changes, women gradually freed themselves from patriarchal shackles and began to adopt more practical and comfortable clothing styles, adapted to their new more intense and more active life rate. The Blazer then imposed itself as an elegant and relaxed alternative to the traditional dress, and the corsets were abandoned in favor of more flexible and airy outfits, to reveal the tailor.

With its full and comfortable jacket, descending on the hips, the tailor has then become the symbol of liberation and the revolution. Young women of the time quickly adopted it, eager to break with the stifling and rigid silhouettes of their elders. The tailor is then seen as a demand for equality, in a patriarchal environment. Consequently, the Blazer has established itself as a key element of the female wardrobe, synonymous with modernity and freedom.

We subsequently observe a takeover of the blazer In the 1960s thanks to the Yves Saint Laurent and Courrèges houses which bring more dynamic and modern cuts, with, not to quote it, the famous tuxedo.

The costume for women quickly popularized in the 1980s, also known for the rise of "working girl". This trend has spread like a trail of powder, to the point of being adopted outside the professional framework.

Today, the whole blazer is synonymous with glamor and elegance, with multiple universes which integrate perfectly in our time. It continues to represent the link between the female locker room and the male locker room, with both classic and modern designs. The Blazer is a centerpiece of the dressing room, which crosses the eras without ever losing its timeless charm.


The blazer set these days

The blazer is undoubtedly one of these timeless clothes which thus transcend eras and continue to influence contemporary fashion. Since its appearance, this emblematic piece has experienced a stylistic revolution, going from the simple status of a formal jacket to that of a real fashion object.

Nowadays, the blazer is relaxed and daring. At the end of the 2000s, women fell colored Blazers, while at Balmain, under the direction of Christophe Decarnin between 2006 and 2011, the Blazer became a singular accessory, to be superimposed on an evening dress. More recently, it has been transformed into a dress in itself: the mid-thigh version of the Blazer-Robe is the last incarnation of this essential of the wardrobe.

The blazer is a true classic, a basic that everyone has in its closet, or almost.

Regardless of the trends of the moment, fashionable prints or flagship aesthetics, the blazer adapts to all situations. Originally, it was an autonomous jacket, which was not part of a complete set with matching pants, unlike the costume jacket. Although sometimes difficult to distinguish, these two types of jackets have peculiarities specific to each.

In the female locker room in particular, fashion codes are constantly explored and reinvented. Women have fun declining the blazer In any case, by showing great creativity and great stylistic freedom. Blazer is the very embodiment of timelessness and versatility.


How to stylize your blazer set

In search of fashion inspiration? Is your dressing over clothes, but nothing makes you want? Don't worry, your savior is there: the blazer, your favorite room, is ready to save you! Whether to face a working day or a lunch with friends in a trendy restaurant, the blazer will be your essential ally. It is available in all sizes, all styles and is worn in all season. You can adopt it with your eyes closed!

The colorful blazer set :

Very trendy because it allows an elegant and daring way of standing out from the crowd while remaining chic and sophisticated. Colorful sets have been popular for a few seasons and have been a great way to show your personality and style.

For softness, choose a set of pastel color. If you are more daring, choose a bright and radiant color that will make your outfit a real one. In terms of cutting and style, flared or wide pants work well with Blazers Oversize, while right or slim pants are better suitable for more curved blazers. When it comes to making a colorful outfit, avoid adding too many colors with the accessories And stay on neutral colors.

The relaxed blazer set :

Increasingly popular, the casual and casual chic aspect of this outfit offers a comfortable and elegant alternative to traditional work clothes. It can be worn on any occasion. Nowadays, one of the winning combinations is that of straight pants with an oversized blazer jacket, accessorized by white speakers and a basic t-shirt.

To wear a Blazer pants set Successfully relaxed, you can opt for neutral colors such as beige, white or gray for a more classic look or more daring colors such as navy blue, khaki green or pink for a more original look.

The Blazer Short ensemble :

Offers an elegant and comfortable alternative to skirts and dresses. It is easy to wear and can be adapted on different occasions, whether relaxed or more dressed. To carry The Short Blazer set In style, it is recommended to choose high -waisted shorts at the straight cut, for optimal comfort, with a length that suits you. The blazer can be adjusted or unstructured, depending on your preferences, and can be worn open or closed. To combine the Short Blazer set, you can opt for high heels, speakers, or all the more trendy in recent years, with boots. Have fun with the style of your blazer: long, short, open back, belted. The Short Blazer set allows you to play with your creativity!

The blazer dress :

The blazer dress or The blazer dress set is an elegant and very trendy choice. To carry the blazer dress set successfully, it is important to choose a dress or a skirt of suitable length for the situation. Short and adjusted dresses are perfect for relaxed outputs, while long and ample dresses are better suitable for more formal occasions.

In terms of cutting and style, it is recommended to choose a dress or a skirt that highlights your silhouette, while remaining comfortable and easy to wear. The blazer must be adjusted and cut so as to mark your size and your shapes, while creating a feminine and elegant look.

To accessorize the blazer dress, you can opt for pumps or sandals, depending on the length and style of the dress or skirt.

It is important to note that The blazer dress set is an elegant and sophisticated outfit that requires a little effort to be successfully carried. Avoid accessories and jewelry that is too imposing so as not to overload the whole, and make sure to keep the colors and the patterns in harmony for a more coherent look.


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