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The ceremonial dress: how to choose it?

The ceremonial dress is the essence of elegance and refinement. Whether for a wedding, a gala evening or other special occasion, choosing the perfect dress can be an intimidating task....

The ceremonial dress is the essence of elegance and refinement. Whether for a wedding, a gala evening or other special occasion, choosing the perfect dress can be an intimidating task. Between styles, cuts, fabrics and colors, it is important to know how to sail in this universe in order to find the dress will perfectly marry your personality. So how do you choose your ceremonial dress to stand out? Here is our exhaustive guide to find the perfect outfit:


I. The different styles of dresses

When you are about to choose your ideal ceremony dress, it is essential to understand the different styles available on the market. Each type of dress has its own aesthetic, its unique cut and is suitable for specific types of events.

Long and fluid dresses

Long ceremonial dress

Long and fluid dresses are timeless pieces, reflecting the very essence of female sensuality. Their fluid and graceful silhouette creates an elegant and graceful movement standing particularly during formal events.

Details play a crucial role in the personality of a long and fluid dress. Elements such as delicate gathers, lace or drapes add an additional dimension to the dress, creating a game of contrast that attracts the eye. Necks, for example, play a key role in the overall appearance of the dress. A cleared and delicate neckline can also highlight the delicacy of the neck and add a touch of sensuality, while a V neck can visually extend the upper body and create an illusion of height. Boat necklines, on the other hand, offer classic elegance and harmonize perfectly with long and fluid dresses.

Morphology side, Long and fluid dresses Suitable for everyone and adapt perfectly to each body. Large women can opt for long dresses that lengthen their silhouette, while smaller women can choose more adjusted cuts to avoid being submerged. The silhouettes in X benefit particularly long dresses which highlight their natural curves, while the H silhouettes can create illusions of curves thanks to long dresses with details such as belts or fronks.

Short and structured dresses

For a contemporary and modern look, Short and structured dresses are an essential choice. They highlight your legs and breathe a touch of style and dynamism to your style, offering a wide range of designs, fabrics and details that will allow you to personalize your outfit.

Short and structured dresses prove to be versatile and adapted to different morphologies. For a silhouette in X, opt for short dresses that will mark your fine waist with a belted structure or near the body to enhance your graceful curves. Women with a V silhouette can choose short dresses with flared skirts to balance their wider shoulders while women with morphology will prefer the top of the larger dress to balance their wider hips. As for women with an H silhouette, the latter can turn to short dresses embellished with flywheels or folds, in order to create the illusion of harmonious curves.

The essential aspect of short and structured dresses lies in their adaptability to different styles. You can opt for a classic short and structured dress, with clean lines and timeless design, ideal for a formal occasion or an elegant evening. Be careful not to choose a dress that is too short and too neckline. Ceremonies are formal opportunities to which your outfit must be distinguished. Do not choose a too short dress that could be out of step with the theme of your event.

In addition to the different designs, short and structured dresses also offer a variety of fabrics that can completely transform the appearance of your outfit. Short silk or satin dresses bring a luxurious and elegant touch, while those in cotton or linen are perfect for a relaxed and summer look. For a more structured effect, choose a short dress in textured fabric like the jacquard or the tweed, which will add dimension to your silhouette.

Ball dresses

Symbols of glamor and romanticism, Ball dresses captivate by their timeless elegance. They are distinguished by their majestic magnitude and their large petticoats which create an elegant and distinguished silhouette. Adorned with sumptuous details such as refined embroidery, pearls or rhinestones, these dresses are adorned with an opulent aura which does not fail to attract all eyes.

Ball dresses are the perfect embodiment of sophistication, making them ideal for gala evenings or formal events.

These sumptuous creations are designed to bring a touch of glamor and romanticism to any ceremony. For women with a x silhouette, the ball dresses are the perfect allies to enhance their graceful curves and their thin size. On the other hand, those with an H silhouette can opt for ball dresses sublimated by delicate embroidery or well -placed ruffles in order to create an illusion of harmonious curves. As for women with a silhouette in A, they can turn to ball dresses with a structured bodice and a flared skirt, thus helping to balance their silhouette with elegance.

The sheath dresses

The sheath dresses are exquisite creations designed to enhance your silhouette with unequaled elegance. Their adjusted cut perfectly marries your curves, thus creating harmony between sensual femininity and sophistication. The sleek style of the scabbard dresses will stand out during a ceremony and will meet your expectations by displaying a refined look that will not fail to attract all eyes.

The sheath dress can sometimes have a very classic style and it can therefore seem difficult to stand out with this outfit duringa ceremony. However, it can be the ideal option if you prefer sober, chic and simple looks! From the choice of fabrics, to the necklines, through the subtle details, each element is carefully studied to enhance your personality. If you want to bring more style and structure to your sheath dress, play on accessorization. Opt for jewelry Delicate and sophisticated that will enhance the elegance of your dress, as well as a contrasting texture pocket to add a daring note to the whole.

To finish your look, you can also opt for an adjusted jacket and well cut in a classic neutral color such as black, broken white or navy blue. Make sure the jacket adapts perfectly to your silhouette to keep the elegance of the sheath dress below. You can complete it with a detailed belt of interesting textures to accentuate your size and bring a touch of additional glamor!

The sheath dresses will enhance the natural curves and the fine waist of the morphologies in X. For H silhouettes, it is necessary to create an illusion of curves with clever details. The cutouts at the size can in particular help to create an illusion of curves and to highlight your advantages, or by opting for pretty a belt. For the silhouettes in 8, the sheath dress will undoubtedly highlight your curves! Opt for models that highlight your fine waist and highlight your hips.

Siren dresses

Siren dress If you are looking for a dress that combines glamorous and sensuality, the mermaid dresses are made for you. Their tight silhouette to the knees, then flared from there, creates a striking effect. This style is often associated with red carpets and gala evenings, where you can stand out with a dress that highlights your femininity. They are particularly suitable for women with a silhouette in X, highlighting their natural curves. The key to balancing a morphology with a mermaid dress is to focus on the upper body. Choose a dress with a detailed bodice or bulky sleeves to draw attention to your upper body. Also opt for colors or more lively patterns on the bodice to create a visual balance. Avoid too large skirts in the knees so as not to accentuate the difference in size between the upper and lower body.

When you choose a mermaid dress, it is important to take into account your personal style and your preferences. Opt for colors that highlight you and details that reflect your individuality. Mermaid dresses are versatile and can be found in a multitude of fabrics, ranging from delicate lace to smooth satin, which allows you to find the perfect dress for each occasion.

Empire dresses

Inspired by Antiquity, the empire dresses are characterized by a high waist and a fluid skirt that falls freely, thus creating an elegant and feminine silhouette. This flattering style is suitable for different morphologies and brings a romantic and bohemian look to any occasion. Whether for an outdoor wedding, a country event or a summer party, the empire dresses are a perfect choice, offering both comfort and thanks.

Empire dresses stand out by their high waist located under the chest, highlighting this part of the body and creating a slender pace. The fluid skirt which extends freely from the waist allows great freedom of movement and adds a touch of lightness to the whole. This clever design also makes it possible to adapt the empire dresses to different morphologies.

Women with a hourglass -shaped silhouette will find an ideal way in the Empire dresses to highlight their natural curves and accentuate their thin size. The cup adjusted to the chest highlights femininity and creates a harmonious silhouette.

For women with a rectangle -shaped silhouette, the empire dresses can help create an illusion of curves. Opt for dresses With details in the chest, such as folds, drapes or embroidery, to add volume and visually accentuate the shapes.

Women with an inverted triangle -shaped silhouette can also adopt the empire dresses, making sure to choose models with a more adjusted bodice. This will balance the silhouette by attracting attention downwards and creating harmony between upper and lower body.

Bustier dresses

The bustier cut, without straps, creates a refined and delicate line, highlighting your neck and shoulders. Versatile, its dresses adapt to a multitude of opportunities, from weddings to cocktails, including dressed evenings. The timeless charm of the strapless dress will certainly seduce you if your ceremony is accompanied by mild weather!

Long, short, close to the body or fluid ... Bustier dresses offer a variation in endless possibilities. The flared skirt cuts offer a light and airy silhouette, perfect for dancing all night. For those who prefer a more adjusted silhouette, curved strapless dresses are an ideal choice. They highlight your curves and highlight your hourglass silhouette. The dress harmoniously marries your body, creating a sensual and feminine look that will not fail to captivate all eyes.

The magic of Bustier dresses Also lies in the details that adorn them. Lace dresses or with embroidery bring a touch of romanticism and sophistication. The delicate patterns and the elaborate finishes add an additional dimension to your outfit, making each bustier dress real unique pieces. If you are looking for a strapless dress that creates the illusion of curves for women with H and A silhouette, you can opt for models with gathers or steering wheel. These strategically placed details add volume to the hips, creating a more feminine and voluptuous silhouette.

Bustier dresses are also an ideal option for different morphologies. For women in X and 8, they accentuate the fine waist and female curves, highlighting their naturally graceful silhouette. Women with a V silhouette can also choose bustier dresses, making sure to add volume to the hips to harmoniously balance their silhouette.

Long -sleeved dresses

For fresher events or according to your desire, Long -sleeved dresses are an elegant and versatile choice. They are just as sophisticated as any other dress, and their variety of styles makes them suitable for each tastes and morphologies.

Long -sleeved dresses can be made in various flattering cuts, such as straight dresses, flared dresses or tight dresses. Each style offers a unique aesthetic, allowing everyone to find the dress that best suits their personality and event.

In addition to the different cuts and fabrics, the details add a touch of singularity to these dresses. Delicate embellishments such as embroidery, pearls or sequins can add a dose of glamor and luxury.

Do you still hesitate to choose your dress? We help you understand your morphology and find your ideal dress!


II. Find your morphology

Silhouette in X

RobeIf you are lucky enough to have a silhouette in X, congratulations! Your harmonious body deserves to be sublimated by dresses that underline your curves.

The morphology in X is a silhouette that highlights natural harmony between shoulders and hips, with a well -defined size. The shoulders are generally aligned with the hips, creating a silhouette in the form of an hourglass. The size is thin and well marked, emphasizing the natural curve of the body. Women with this morphology often have female curves, with a proportionate chest and rounded buttocks.

The morphology in X allows a wide variety of clothing choices, because it highlights the curves of the body while creating a visual balance. The fitted dresses, the adjusted tailors and the belts to underline the size are popular choices to accentuate this silhouette. The flared skirts, the right pants and the adjusted tops can also highlight the natural proportions of the body.

For a ceremony: opt for adjusted cuts that highlight your fine waist while emphasizing your generous shapes. The sheath dresses, the siren dresses or the trapeze dresses will be your allies to bring out your glamorous side. Do not hesitate to choose fluid fabrics that will gently marry your curves, and to accessorize your outfit with a belt to mark your size elegantly.

Silhouette in H

RobeThe morphology in H is a silhouette characterized by shoulders and aligned hips, with an unmarked size. The shoulders and hips have a similar width, thus creating a straight and horizontal line. Unlike other types of morphology, the size is not very defined, which gives a more athletic and less curved appearance.

The key to dressing a morphology in H is to choose Clothes adjusted in shoulders and hips, such as structured jackets and trapeze dresses, can create a more feminine silhouette. The belts, placed just below the size, can also help to visually define a size line.

For a ceremony: your goal will be to bring an illusion of curves. Opt for dresses that bring volume where you need it. Flying dresses, draped dresses or even empire dresses will be your best allies to give an illusion of female curves. Favor fluid tissues and rucked details that will add a romantic dimension to your outfit. Also think of dresses with strategic cutouts at the size to create a visual effect of curves.

Silhouette in o

RobeThe morphology in O is a silhouette characterized by generous and round curves. This silhouette is distinguished by a larger size, a breast and voluptuous hips, as well as rounded shoulders. Women with an O morphology tend to have a more rounded silhouette and an equal distribution of weight on the whole body. The size is less defined and the accent is put on the natural curves.

Fluid and expandable tissues are often favored to marry the curves harmoniously. Empire dresses, loose tunics, high fluids and elastic size pants are popular choices for this morphology. To create a visual balance, it is recommended to opt for cuts that highlight the neckline and arms. V-necks, plunging necklines and three-quarters can help lengthen the silhouette and draw attention to the upper parts of the body.

For a ceremony: to balance your silhouette, focus on the upper part of your body. The dresses with a V or Cache-Coeur neckline will attract the gaze up and highlight your bust. Opt for fluid dresses that slide on your body without marking the size. The dresses gets worse with details at the chest will be perfect for creating a harmonious silhouette on your silhouette.


RobeMorphology has, also known as pear morphology, is a silhouette characterized by narrower shoulders than hips. This silhouette highlights wider hips, well -curved thighs and a relatively fine size. When choosing clothes, the main objective is to balance the silhouette by emphasizing the upper part of the body. The adjusted tops that enhance the shoulders, such as boat or shoulder necks, are interesting options to visually widen the shoulders. Skirts and straight or slightly flared pants are preferable to minimize attention on the hips.

For a ceremony: create a balance by drawing attention to the upper body. Dresses with details in the bust, such as embroidery, pearls or fancy sleeves, will focus on this part. For the bottom of the dress, choose flared cuts or slightly loose skirts to harmonize your hips.

Silhouette in V

V -in morphology is characterized by wider shoulders than hips, creating a V -shaped shape. Women having this silhouette often have well -developed shoulders. Their size is less marked and their hips are relatively narrower. This silhouette is often associated with an athletic appearance.

When choosing clothing for a V morphology, the objective is to rebalance the silhouette by drawing attention to the lower body while creating an illusion of curves. Dresses and flared highs, such as trapezoid dresses, can help create a visual balance by adding volume to the hips. The flared skirts, straight pants or bootcut can also help create a more harmonious line.

For a ceremony: opt for dresses that focus on your hips. The flared dresses, the dresses with details in the hips such as folds or gathers, will be perfect for creating a visual balance. Dresses surrounded at the waist will also be flattering by creating a beautiful curve at the hips.


III. Consider the dress code

RobeWhen you prepare for A special opportunity, as a ceremony, it is essential to pay particular attention to the specified dress code. Indeed, respecting this formal, semi-formal or informal code is the key to harmoniously integrate into the atmosphere of the event and to show your sense of style and respect for hosts.

The dress code is much more than just a series of rules imposed. It is actually a silent language that allows everyone to express themselves and connect with the occasion and the other participants. To fully understand the dress code, it is important to refer to information, codes, colors, themes, provided by the organizers or the hosts of the event.

If the event is indicated as formal, then your outfit will have to be worked. Luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin or velvet will bring a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Do not hesitate to accessorize with refined jewelry and complete your look with a matching pocket and high heels.

For a semi-formal dress code, you can opt for a shorter dress, but always chic and sophisticated. Light fabrics and flattering cuts are essential.

It is important to emphasize that respect for the dress code does not mean renouncing your individuality. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to show your creativity by adapting the rules to the characteristics of your personal style. Finding the right balance between respecting the dress code and the expression of your personality is the key to making a memorable impression.

The art of colors to make your dress shine

When you choose your dress for a event, the choice of colors is of capital importance. The colors you wear can not only reflect the general atmosphere of the occasion, but they can also highlight your complexion and make you shine.

First of all, take into account the context of the event itself. If the ceremony takes place in the open air during the summer, it is best to opt for clear and lively shades that harmonize with the brightness of the season. Pastel tones, bright colors and floral patterns can be appropriate choices to bring a touch of freshness and cheerfulness to your outfit.

Then think of your own complexion. The goal is to know what type of color best suits you: hot or cold. But how to distinguish to find your ideal ceremony dress? In fact, everyone can carry the wholechromatic circle presented below. But these are certain tones of these colors that will be more flattering than others depending on your complexion.

Clothing colorimetry

Source: Small prints

Cold clothes of clothing

The cold dyes evoke porcelain, beige, rosé beige, olive, almond, moka, cocoa, mahogany, ebony and black. These skins, without trace of yellow, rather wear a slightly bluish shade. Thus, cold dyes sublimate the skin by attenuating imperfections, highlighting your beautiful bright eyes. Here is a non -exhaustive list ofcold colours, which therefore contain a dominant of blue pigments compared to the yellow pigments:

Royal blue, electric blue, sky blue, fir green, emerald green, mint green with water, cherry red, raspberry red, burgundy, fuchsia pink, pastel pink, purple, lemon yellow, black.

Warm clothes of clothing

The hot dyes embrace shades of ivory, fishing, golden beige or caramel, as well as golden bronzed, dark copper tones, "latte" or maple. These dyes give off a subtle touch of yellow that harmonizes perfectly with fabrics in warm colors. Result: your skin lights up in contact with hot shades, dark circles fade and your eyes sparkle. Here is a non -exhaustive list ofwarm colors, which therefore contain a dominant of yellow pigments compared to the blue pigments:

Turquoise blue, duck blue, apple green, lawn green, orange, coral red, brick red, ocher, salmon pink, mustard yellow.


When you prepare for a ceremony, it is essential to choose a dress that represents and highlights you. Beyond respecting the dress code, your outfit must be an extension of your personality and allow you to radiate with confidence throughout the event.

Self -confidence is one of the keys to shine during a ceremony. When you put on a dress that suits you and in which you feel good, it is reflected in your attitude and your presence. Therefore, it is essential to choose a dress that highlights you and gives you this confidence.

So, for which ceremonial dress are you going to crack?


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