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The chic combination for women

The "chic" by definition represents something elegant and sophisticated. When it is a fashion piece, and more particularly here, a combination, the chic side of the room can be considered...

 Fashion is a constantly evolving world, where trends change almost as quickly as time. However, there is a room that crosses time and the seasons without losing its elegance: the combination. It has also become a must in the female wardrobe in recent years. Elegant, and practical it can be worn on any occasion, from everyday life to the most dressed events. We even find it in increasingly chic styles. But what is a chic combination exactly?


A "chic" combination what is it?

The "chic" by definition represents something elegant and sophisticated. When it is a fashion piece, and more particularly here, a combination, the chic side of the room can be considered as a style at the top of elegance. A chic combination can however combine both comfort and elegance.

Often made from sophisticated fabrics, its cut is carefully designed to enhance each curve of the body. It is important to note that the chic style can vary depending on the occasion and the context. A chic combination for a gala evening can be very different from a chic combination for a baptism, an evening with friends or a day of shopping.

So how to compose a look with a chic combination?


The different chic combination cuts for women

  • The pants combination: an elegant and practical outfit.

Women's pants combinationWith its elegant look and absolute comfort, The pants combination For women has become an essential clothing for our wardrobes in recent years. The choice of styles and cuts is varied, ranging from the oversized pants combination to the adjusted combination, from the straight cut to the flared cut. All styles are found there: bare back, V -neck, bustier, tuxedo version, transparent, lace, shoulder shoulders, or belted, impossible not to succumb to it.

The current trend is at Fluid and light pants combination, which gives a chic and relaxed look. For all those looking for originality, flower printed options, graphic patterns or rhinestones are very trendy. Velvet, denim or satin combinations are also very popular, for a more sophisticated and glamorous style.

For what morphologies?

Question morphology, the pants combination is suitable for all women, whatever their curves and their size. The different styles and cuts offered allow you to find the pants combination that will highlight the silhouette of each.

For women small, it is advisable to opt for a pants combination with an adjusted cut and straight legs to extend the silhouette.

The morphologies called "Tall », In addition, can afford wider and fluid models.

For the curvy, we favor united colors and a flared cup on the legs to balance the silhouette while for the more silhouettes slender, we opt for an adjusted cut which will underline the curves or a flared cup on the legs to create an illusion of wider hips. You can also have fun with the originality by superimposing a jacket or a blazer to create a more sophisticated outfit.

The pants combination is ultimately an ideal choice for women who seek to combine comfort and elegance. It is suitable for all occasions, whether it is a formal event like a wedding or everyday look. With the right accessories, the pants combination can be dressed or relaxed depending on desires and circumstances.

  • Short combination: a comfortable and chic option.

Women's combi shortsShort combination is the trendy room to have in your wardrobe, whether in summer or winter. This versatile and comfortable part is perfect for hot days where you want to remain elegant while remaining comfortable.

The short combination is available in a variety of different styles, ranging from the relaxed denim version to more sophisticated models in fluid fabric. Sleeler models are ideal for a relaxed outfit, while the models with long sleeves are perfect for a chic evening. Shorts Shorts with a plunging neckline and side cuts can add a touch of sex appeal to your outfit. The latest trend spotted is the Short Blazer combination, which brings a perfectly chic and feminine look to all those who wear it.

For what morphologies?

The Combi-Short is suitable for all women who wish to adopt an elegant and comfortable look. It is particularly suitable for women who like to enhance their legs and who are looking for an alternative to the dress for a special occasion.

Question morphology, the short combination is suitable for many silhouettes. Women in X or 8 can opt for a short combination adjusted to the size or bare back to enhance their curves. The blazer combat-shorts is perfectly suited to morphologies, because it will balance the silhouette by adding material to the shoulders, while V V will favor flared or straight shorts.

Short combination has been an essential trend for several years already, and it has not shown any signs of slowdown. The designers offer a variety of short combinations for all tastes and all occasions. Floral patterns are particularly popular this season, as is retro denim shorts. The plain pieces of fluid fabric are also very trendy and perfect for summer evenings.

In summary, it is also a versatile and elegant part that suits all women. To ensure the sophisticated touch, simply choose a flattering cut and elegant details to create a chic and trendy look.


On what occasions to wear a chic combination?

The chic combination for a ceremony

Chic Ceremony Combination

Ceremonial dresses are good. But why not opt ​​for a combination ? Increasingly popular for formal events and ceremonies, the latter offers an elegant alternative to traditional dresses, while being, once again, comfortable and practical. Perfectly trendy, the combination can quite suit for a ceremony, provided you choose the right model and the right accessories.

For your outfit corresponds to a ceremonial look, the trick is simple: your combination should not suit a style that you could wear every day, whether to go to the office or a simple evening with friends. The choice of color, materials, morphology or accessories can be decisive to obtain the expected result.

Here are the top 4 of the latest trends to wear A chic combination At a ceremony:

  1. Chic Ceremony Combination
     The satin combination : real elegant choice for a ceremony! The shiny fabric adds a touch of glamor and can be worn with high heels for a chic look. Its fluid cut corresponds to all morphologies!
  2. The combination with lace details : Details of lace add a touch of romanticism to a combination and are perfect for a special occasion. You can opt for lace sleeves, a lace neck or even a combination entirely in lace.
  3. The combination with a bare back : they add a touch of sensuality to your outfit while remaining elegant. This trend is perfect for an evening ceremony or for a dressed opportunity. Be careful to choose the right underwear!
  4. The combination with brilliant accessories : Like diamond jewelry or sparkling shoes, they can add a touch of glamor to your combination. This gives your outfit a luxurious appearance.

The chic combination for an evening

Not always easy to know what to wear for an evening. Whether it's the Pants combination Or the combi-short, these two models correspond perfectly for a small evening with friends, in summer or in winter!

First of all, it is important to find a combination that flatters your figure. The combinations curved at the waist and adjusted to the legs are often flattering for most morphologies.

 Here are the top 5 of the latest trends to wear a chic combination of an evening:

  1.  The velvet combination : This luxurious fabric adds texture and depth to any outfit. A black velvet or dark velvet combination can be an excellent option for a chic evening provided you accessorize it as it should.
  2. The glitter combination : If you really want to shine, a glitter combination is a perfect choice for an evening. Make sure you choose a combination with quality glitter for an elegant look rather than overload. Total glitter look or by touch, we will only see you on the track!
  3.   The shoulder combination : is an elegant alternative to the classic asymmetrical dress. This cut is flattering for all morphologies and can be associated with simple accessories for a sophisticated look.
  4. The Blazer combination : Large trend of the moment that has gained popularity in recent years thanks to many celebrities and fashion influencers. The Blazer combination is an outfit that suits all women, whatever the age. It is also very easy to accessorize, which allows you to personalize your outfit according to your preferences. You can wear high heels and an elegant handbag for an additional sophistication touch, or you can opt for sneakers and a backpack for a more relaxed look.

The daily chic combination

Whether it is to go to work or for an afternoon shopping, it is always pleasant to wear our best outfits, but of course, while remaining comfortable. A beautiful V neckline, sober colors, or a pretty belt ... There are several ways to make your Outfit of the Chic day with a combination. Simply because the combination is already your strong room! Combine it with a blazer, boots or tray sandals for bohemian 70s style for a perfectly sophisticated and trendy look.

Here are the top 5 of the last trends in the chic combination:


  1. The Oversize combination : Always as popular in 2023, because it offers ultimate comfort and great freedom of movement. This trend is perfect for a chic and relaxed look depending on how it is accessorized. To break the too relaxed side, you accessorize a pretty jewelry belt, a blazer and beautiful heels!
  2. Denim combination : it makes its comeback, and is perfect for a casual chic look.
  3. The wide pants combination : recent trend, it is perfectly suited to women looking for an elegant and comfortable look. This flattering cut can be worn with heels for a chic look.
  4. The printed combination : recent trend that quickly won the hearts of fashionistas. Whether you choose a floral, geometric or animal print, a printed combination adds personality to your outfit and allows you to stand out in style.
  5. The high waist combination : Always as popular, the high waist brings a flattering cut and highlights the size as much as the legs bringing a slender look.

The chic combination in winter

Chic Winter Woman CombinationIn winter maybe a difficult period to find elegant and comfortable outfits. The combination can once again be the perfect solution for your winter wardrobe.

Unlike softer seasons, choose a combination in thick and warm fabric for winter, such as jeans or ribbed velvet. Long sleeves and loose legs are also a good option to keep you warm. Once again is once again an ideal option to compose a chic look with your combination in winter: a silk shirt or a turtleneck below your outfit can add a sophisticated touch while keeping you warm. You can also add a blazer or a leather jacket for more structure and texture.

Women's denim combination Accessorize your outfit with high boots, heeled boots or leather moccasins for an elegant look.

Finally, do not underestimate the power of accessories. A wool scarf can add color and texture to your outfit while keeping you warm.

Our top 3 trends in the chic combination in winter:

  1. The ribbed velvet combination : is perfect for fall/winter months, because it is truly comfortable and keeps hot. It can be worn with high boots for a chic and elegant look.
  2. The leather or imitation combination : is a strong trend for the fall/winter season. It is perfect for creating a chic rock look or a more sophisticated look with high heels.
  3. The combination with a turtleneck : is a must-have of fresh temperatures. It can be worn with high boots and a long coat for an elegant and warm look.


Details that make a chic combination

For a special occasion and as for any chic event, the important thing is to choose a quality fabric for your outfit. Avoid inexpensive fabrics that tend to offend and lose their shape. Then, with regard to the color neutral tones like black, white, navy or even beige are perfect for a ceremony. If you want to add a touch of color, opt for pastel tones or bright colors, but keep them subtle. Avoid extravagant patterns that can distract your look. Accessorization is also important for a chic look. Add a touch of sophistication to your combination using delicate jewelry, high heeled shoes and an elegant handbag.

Another important tips that we often forget for a chic outfit: choose suitable underwear. Choose underwear that is suitable for cutting your combination To avoid visible marks. Seamless underwear and adhesive bras can be a good option for impeccable hold.

On a daily basis, bring out your personality with touches of originality through the colors, without being extreme, or on fabrics of velvet or Denim types. As with any outfit, accessories are once again important. Do not hesitate to add a fine belt to mark your size, original shoes to mark your look.

Finally, think of your makeup and be comfortable in your outfit. Choose a combination in which you feel good and that corresponds to your personality!



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