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The essential trench coat: how to wear it this fall?

In the effervescence of fashion, where ephemeral trends follow one another at the speed of light, there is a clothing room which never flakes, defying the time and the whims...

In the effervescence of fashion, where ephemeral trends follow one another at the speed of light, there is a clothing room which never flakes, defying the time and the whims of designers: the trench coat. As elegant as it is mysterious, this emblematic coat embodies the perfect alliance between timeless sophistication and practical functionality.

The curved silhouette, refined shoulder shoulders and characteristic sleeves sets out an aura of sophistication at its timeless pace. The fascinating history of the trench coat is intimately linked to the British fashion house Burberry, whose founder, Thomas Burberry, is the architect of this timeless creation. As the years pass, the trench coat has adapted to each era, taking part in each trend with grace. From Hollywood stars to fashion icons, including artists, all have succumbed to the irresistible charm of this play that has become mythical. But what about current trends concerning the trench coat? How can we wear it with style and daring today? Find out how a piece of clothing can transcend eras, genres and borders, keeping its timeless charm.


The history of trench coat: a legendary heritage

Did you know that this coat was originally intended for soldiers from the trenches of the First World War? It was in the shadow of the muddy trenches of the First World War that this unique clothing piece emerged to protect soldiers from meteorological events. The trench coat, with its ingenious design, was designed to be more than a simple coat: it was armor against incessant rain, a barrier against biting cold and an affirmation of courage in adversity. Its creator, Thomas Burberry, had the genius of combining functionality with aesthetics, making trench coat more than a simple utility garment. With its revolutionary waterproof fabric, gabardine, the trench coat was not only resistant to weather, but also light and breathable. Its rising collar protected the soldier's neck from icy air currents, while the shoulder shoulder and adjustable belt added a touch of structure and elegance to the military uniform.

After the war, the trench coat made a spectacular transition to civil fashion. It was adopted by intrepid airmen, daring explorers and celebrities in search of style. The 1940s saw the trench coat entered the world of cinema, with icons such as Audrey Hepburn in "Diamonds on sofa" and Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca" which gave it an unequaled glamor aura. The following decades saw the trench coat evolve with grace, adapting to changing fashion trends without ever losing its timeless essence. From cuts adjusted to flared silhouettes, classic colors with daring nuances, the trench coat has repeatedly reinvented itself while retaining its universal appeal.

The history of trench coat is a fascinating journey through time, where elegance meets functionality, and where tradition intertwines with modernity. Today, podiums are overflowing with modern trench coat interpretations, offering surprising variations that push the limits of creativity. The designers dare asymmetrical cuts, eccentric details and unexpected patterns, giving birth to unique pieces that challenge conventions. In the lively streets of big cities around the world, the trench coat is a real fashion chameleon. Whether carried with a relaxed outfit for a bohemian-chic look or associated with an elegant dress for timeless sophistication, it bends to everyone's desires and opportunities.


What is the trench coat?

The trench coat, a true symbol of British elegance, is distinguished by its emblematic characteristics which make it an instantly recognizable clothing room. Each detail, each seam, contributes to its sophisticated look and its unequaled versatility. Cailed at the waist and slightly flared down, he flatters the silhouette by creating an elegant and feminine look. Its rising collar, often with a loop, brings an additional touch of refinement while providing weather protection. The epaulettes, which recall its military origins, add a subtle structure and an undeniable presence to the whole.

A key element of trench coat is undoubtedly the belt. Whether tied at the front, completed or simply attached to a relaxed knot in the back, it allows you to adjust the silhouette and underline the size, thus creating a feminine and graceful look. The curls and ties that adorn the trench coat add a touch of additional sophistication, testifying to its artisanal heritage and its concern for detail. The pockets of trench coat Are not just practical storage spaces, they are also design elements that contribute to its distinctive look. The generous side pockets offer a relaxed and functional touch, while the hidden interior pockets add a dose of discretion and practicality.

One of the most recognizable details of the trench coat lies in its sleeve setbacks. Whether to reveal a contrasting lining, add a style note or simply to facilitate movement, the rolled up sleeves of the trench coat are a subtle but powerful detail which gives an additional charm to this iconic room. The waterproof fabric, another characteristic element of the trench coat, is a guarantee of functionality and protection. Gabardine, invented by Thomas Burberry, remains the privileged choice, offering water resistance while being breathable and durable. However, today, new innovative materials and finishes have appeared, allowing trench coat to push the limits of performance while retaining their timeless elegance.

Whether you opt for a classic beige trench coat, a daring model in a bright color or a revisited version with original prints, each detail contributes to the uniqueness of this timeless piece. The trench coat is much more than a simple coat, it is a work of art that transcends seasons and trends, adapting to each era while retaining its timeless charm.


Trench-coat trends: Dare audacity and innovation

The trench coat, although being anchored in history, continues to evolve and reinvent itself, constantly pushing the limits of creativity. Current trends honor its inheritance while instilling a dose of audacity and innovation, thus offering a multitude of options for all fashion lovers.

Modern cuts and clean lines assault the podiums, elegantly reinterpreting the classic silhouette of the trench coat. Of the Oversize versions With structured forms, each variation offers a new perspective on this emblematic piece. Long and fluid trench coats add a touch of contemporary sophistication, while short and adjusted models bring a dose of dynamism and modernity. Bold colors and striking prints have become popular choices for those who want to stand out. Vive and vibrant shades such as red, electric blue or sunny yellow bring a breath of freshness and vitality to the classic appearance of trench coat. Prints, such as floral patterns, daring scratches or geometric patterns, allow you to express your creativity and add a touch of plume to an outfit.

The unique details and the innovative finishes are the real jewels that transform the trench coat into a tip at the tip of fashion. Strategic cutouts, pearl sets, delicate fringes or leather panels provide an artistic and captivating dimension. THE trench coat With puffy sleeves, subtle flies or asymmetrical elements add a dose of fantasy and romanticism to this iconic piece. The combinations of materials and textures add a visual and tactile richness to the trench coat. Leather accents, synthetic fur fittings or lace inserts create intriguing contrasts, thus raising the trench coat to a higher level. These unexpected details bring a touch of luxury and modernity to this once strictly utility room.

The versatility of trench coat Allows you to associate it with a variety of styles and opportunities. Wear it with jeans and sneakers for a relaxed-chic look during a day in town, or superimpose it on an elegant dress for a refined evening. The possibilities are endless, and this is where the timeless beauty of the trench coat resides. So, whether you are a follower of the classic and minimalist style or an intrepid explorer of new trends, the trench coat offers an ideal canvas to express your individuality. Dare to go out of the beaten track, explore the new variations and add a touch of your personality to this emblematic piece.

In conclusion, the trench coat is much more than a simple coat. It is a timeless declaration of style, a legendary heritage and a fertile terrain for the expression of your creativity. So, let yourself be seduced by its classic charm and explore current trends to create your own modern interpretation of this fashion icon.


Styles and opportunities to wear the trench coat

THE trench coat, true fashion chameleon, is an essential part that adapts to all occasions, from the most formal to the most relaxed. Do not forget, when choosing your trench coat, take into account your morphology and your personal style. If you are small, opt for shorter models to avoid being overwhelmed. If you are tall, dare longer trench coats for a dramatic look. For pear -shaped silhouettes, choose curved models at the waist to enhance your curves. For more athletic silhouettes, models with details such as belts and folds bring a feminine touch. Whether you go to the office, assist in a social event or stroll through town, here are some suggestions of elegant outfits with a trench coat to inspire you and stand out with style.


To start, nothing like an adjusted dressed pants to bring a touch of professionalism to your whole. Opt for a flattering cut that will highlight your figure while maintaining a refined look. Straight cut, with carrot pliers, a multitude of choices are available to you. Enter your look with a pair of moccasins or pumps to ensure a chic look. For a more casual look, a pretty pair of white sneakers will be perfect. You can also opt for an all the more feminine version with a pretty short skirt and heeled boots. Adapt your top depending on the season: T-shirt, blouse, sweater, everything is to find the room that will ensure the chic side of your outfit.

Now back to our centerpiece: the trench coat. For a timeless and sophisticated look, choose a neutral color trench coat, such as beige or camel. These versatile shades go easily with any color and give discreet elegance to your look. Navy blue or black are very versatile colors as well. Open your trench coat to enhance the subtle superposition of your outfit while adding a touch of sophistication to your figure.


Opt for a fluid and light dress that will enhance your femininity and create a striking contrast with the classic structure of trench coat. A shorter length dress is ideal for subtly reveal your legs and bring a touch of sensuality to your outfit. Let yourself be seduced by delicate fabrics such as silk or satin for a chic and luxurious look. To complete your look, bet on high heels that will extend your silhouette and give you a graceful approach. Opt for elegant shoes that harmonize with your dress and your trench coat. The needle heels are a classic choice, but do not hesitate to explore other options according to your personal style. Just make sure your shoes add a sophistication touch to your set.

Accessories play a crucial role in the completion of your glamorous outfit. Opt for elegant and refined pieces that reflect your personality. A pocket or a small quality leather handbag is a wise choice to transport your essentials while adding a touch of sophistication. Do not forget to adorn your wrist with a few delicate bracelets or choose sparkling earrings to enhance your look. When it comes to colors and prints, dare to go out of the beaten track and be creative. Combine bright and daring colors to create striking contrasts or opt for exquisite prints that will turn the heads. Do not be afraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd with a touch of glamor.

For a walk in town

Succumb for slim jeans that perfectly marries your curves and offers an elegant silhouette. Slim jeans are versatile and harmonize perfectly with the trench coat to create a casual chic look. Opt for classic jeans like dark blue or black, which goes easily with other pieces from your wardrobe. Combine your Slim jeans with a comfortable sweater to bring a touch of warmth and sweetness to your outfit. Opt for a quality mesh sweater, in a color or pattern that corresponds to your personal style. You can opt for neutral shades for a timeless look, or dare bright colors or patterns to inject personality to your look.

Regarding shoes, white sneakers are an essential choice to complete this casual-chic look. Not only are they comfortable, but they also add a modern and trendy touch to your whole. Choose classic white sneakers or explore models with original details to add an additional style touch to your outfit.

Regarding the trench coat. You can opt for originality with a touch of living, pattern color or even style depending on the trench model you choose. In any case, we leave free to his imagination and creativity for a chic casual look, but perfectly daring.


The trench coat, an intermoration icon for your wardrobe

In conclusion, the trench coat There remains a must -have in fashion, a part that transcends eras and ephemeral trends. It is a symbol of timeless elegance, sophistication and versatility. Its historical heritage is harmoniously mixed with contemporary influences, thus creating a unique and timeless piece. Whether for a day at the office, a chic evening or a relaxed getaway, the trench coat adapts to all occasions, allowing you to feel both confident and elegant. With its refined cuts, its subtle details and its impeccable finishes, it is the perfect companion to face the whims of the weather in style. When you choose your trench coat, do not hesitate to express your creativity and your personality. Play with colors, textures and accessories to create unique looks that reflect your individual style. Also remember taking care of your trench coat By following the specific maintenance recommendations to preserve its beauty and durability.

By investing in a quality trench coat and choosing cuts and styles that highlight you, you will be ready to face every day with confidence and insurance. Let this emblematic piece of fashion be your ally, your armor of timeless elegance. So, whether you succumb to the classic charm of a beige trench coat or that you dare the new trends with bright colors and daring details, remember that the trench coat is much more than a simple garment. It is a symbol of style, assurance and refinement that transcends eras and continues to fascinate fashion enthusiasts around the world. May your trench coat become your distinctive sign, your work of art to be carried on a daily basis, a timeless declaration of style. Kiss his inheritance, explore the new trends and create your own interpretation of this iconic piece.

Because after all, fashion evolves, but the trench coat remains.

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