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The impermeable ... from the classic windbreaker to the iconic room

The raincoat is experiencing a real fashion turning point and returns to our cupboards to the rank of "it-bonds". We will explain everything to you ...

Kway OriginalBetween the winter climate and the summer heat, we face each year to face the mid-bag and their uncertain weather. Neither too hot nor too cold, time becomes conducive to beautiful outdoor walks on weekends. But some precipitation can upset our plans ...! Rains, giboulées, fresh or humidity wind mingle with the rays of the sun which tries to (r) bring our dose of vitamin C during the Spring Or autumn

Result ? Difficult to target the good resistance to take out the fresh air to breathe! Short sleeve jacket? Pull? Scarf ? It’s easy to get lost in the vagaries of the weather during these seasons, and difficult to find the perfect outfit to adorn these changes.

So, lover of outdoor promenade, shopping trip to town or a simple traveler, a good raincoat is theessential your wardrobe for mid-saisons! Immediately remove the image at the top of the garment with the androgynous cup and the Sportswear look. The raincoat is experiencing a real fashion turning point and returns to our cupboards to the rank of "it-bonds". We will explain everything to you :

The origin of the raincoat

A singular research in functional elegance

The origin of the KwayIn fashion memories, some clothes have managed to forge a timeless identity, and the raincoat In fact certainly part. From his humble beginning as an Isolant of Wind and Rain, the first revisited prototype experienced a dazzling rebirth under the talented hands of Léon-Claud Duhamel in 1965, coming to life under the famous name of K-Way ©. Consequently, its popularity only made to grow, its innovative characteristics propelling it to the status of icon, to the point that the term "k-way ©" came to generate this type of clothing. What distinguishes the raincoat from so many other essential parts of the wardrobe is its intelligent versatility. Neither too thick nor too fine, he lends himself wonderfully to the art of functionality, withdrawing on himself to slip into a pocket when time becomes uncertain. This is a perfect ally to challenge the whims of mid-saisons: practical and light, it is both comforting, protecting you from the assaults of the wind and the whims of the rain. However, a slight downside has long overshadowed its practicality: its aesthetics. Difficult to harmonize with a feminine outfit, the raincoat did not always have the favor of the cupboards at the forefront of fashion.

Fortunately for him, fashion is still experiencing great changes, and the raincoat returns in force, ready to win back the hearts of experienced fashionistas. That it comes in the form of an elegant long coat Or a slight rain jacket, whether the original or a skillfully executed replica, this essential accessory of the Norman and Breton regions signs its comeback by playing on the codes of contemporary luxury. More than just clothes, it has turned into an undeniable symbol of high-end ready-to-wear, perfectly embodying the perfect alliance between unisex, functionality and resolved aesthetics.

The essential characteristics of a good waterproof

Renowned creators captured the spirit of the time by skillfully marrying functionality and style, giving birth to waterproof which are much more than simple protective clothing against the elements. Impermeability, a fundamental element, remains the cornerstone of these essential parts. Thanks to technological advances, the revolutionary fabrics used in the making of the impermeables of today offer a real barrier against the whims of the rain. But don't get me wrong, these materials do not in any case sacrifice comfort and breathability. Intelligent waterproof coatings and breathable membranes are integrated transparently, offering an uncompromising experience where your skin can breathe while remaining protected.

But'raincoat Modern is not content to be a simple armor against bad weather. He is also a style companion, an ally in your perpetual quest for elegance. Lightness has become an essential criterion in the design of these parts. Imagine, free from your movements, twirling with grace in the pouring rain. The innovative materials used in the making of perceables today make this possible. They combine lightness and functionality, allowing you to move with ease and thanks, without ever sacrificing your impeccable pace.

And let's talk about an often neglected, but oh so important aspect: sustainability. A true fashion visionary knows that elegance is not limited to the present moment, but that it must be prolonged over time. Reinforced seams, resistant materials and advanced manufacturing techniques guarantee that your raincoat will be a loyal companion season after season. The whims of time will have no power over him, because it is designed to valiantly resist the elements without ever flexing.


The chic turning point of the raincoat

Reversible KwayL'raincoat Thus reinvents itself in an essential companion for modern city dwellers, ready to conquer the streets with allure while remaining adorned to face the unpredictable whims of Mother Nature. In the expert hands of fashion masters, the raincoat regains all its splendor and its refinement of yesteryear. Each detail is meticulously thought out, each line is precisely carved. The possibilities seem endless, and fashion enthusiasts can rejoice at this creative abundance which offers them a panoply of unique waterproof, to choose according to their mood, their audacity or their desire for affirmation. Whether you opt for a model with clean and sophisticated lines, made in a light but resistant material, or that you prefer to get a daring model in bright colors and striking prints, the impermeable arises as the ultimate centerpiece of your wardrobe.

Structured cuts and architectural silhouettes

This season, the creators have pushed the limits of the raincoat traditional by giving it a touch of audacity and modernity. The clean lines mixed harmoniously with the marked shoulders, creating an aesthetic that is both daring and refined. The geometric shapes come to life, offering a striking contrast between the rigid structure of these clothes and the natural fluidity of the movements.

Coats with Ursed Cups, both imposing and graceful, have become the favorites of fashion followers looking for a relaxed and sophisticated look. Their generous magnitude gives a feeling of comfort without compromising the style, while the carefully thought out details add an artistic dimension to these masterpieces of the wardrobe. The trench-cined coats, on the other hand, adapt perfectly to those who prefer a more adjusted silhouette. Thanks to their impeccable cut and their marked size, they subtly emphasize the female curves, creating a resolutely chic and timeless look.

This season, the diversity of waterproof forms offers a range of possibilities, allowing everyone to find the model that best corresponds to their personality. Whether you are a fan of an avant-garde pace or you prefer the simplicity of a minimalist design, there is a raincoat that will make you feel both confident and elegant.

Vibrant colors and pastel shades

When the rain starts to fall, it is time to chase the monotony of gray days by sporting Colorful waterproof. The latest trends spotted on the net reveal an explosion of vibrant colors and pastel nuances, thus offering a real shine to the crowded streets of monotonies during rainy days. Forget the dull and bland colors, because this season, it's time to shine in a thousand lights. The designers dared to explore the universe of colors with overflowing creativity. Doré or the silver, daring and sunny, stands out as flagship colors. Associated with rain, these colors create a striking contrast which instantly illuminates the darkest outfits. Cobalt blue, deep and bewitching, echoes the reflections of water and is the ideal companion for urban adventurers who dare to challenge the elements.

The pastel nuances are also invited into dance, bringing with them a romantic sweetness and a delicate charm. Powdered pink offers a touch of femininity and tenderness to these modern rain clothes. Lavender, meanwhile represents a mysterious and soothing tint, without forgetting the sky blue, flagship color of 2023.

These new variations in colors bring a breath of freshness in urban fashion, redefining the very concept of rain clothes. THE waterproof Transform into living canvases, on which colors are intertwined, creating unique chromatic landscapes. The streets then become improvised parade tracks, where everyone can express their own interpretation of beauty in the rain.

Refined details and innovative materials

The raincoats thus adorn itself with a new dimension, combining sophistication and creativity. The creators have redoubled daring by adding refined details and impeccable finishes to their creations. The elegant belts, which delicately mark the size, bring a touch of femininity and structure to these essential pieces. They underline the silhouette with timeless elegance, highlighting the femininity of each woman who carries them.

But that's not all. The creators have also pushed the limits of the materials used, by introducing innovative fabrics that capture light and make eyes shine. Transparent vinyl turns out to be a daring and contemporary choice, giving the raincoats an avant-garde and futuristic look. The metallic fabrics bring a brilliant dimension, creating captivating lights of each movement. The brilliant finishes are not to be outdone and bring an additional dose of radiance to these exceptional pieces. From reflective coatings to shimmering textures, the creators have explored new ways to play with light to create raincoats that do not go unnoticed. These trends mark a major turning point for The raincoat, offering women the opportunity to stand out with originality and modernity.


Be stylish with your raincoat

Pastel raincoat

Pastel tones flourished with unrivaled grace, revealing nuances like powdery pink, sky blue and lavender. These shades have conquered the world of fashion, powered the colorful raincoat at the top of the mid-season trend. To embody modern elegance and unequaled freshness, imagine yourself dressed in a magnificent powdery pink waterproof. Its subtle hue, halfway between the tenderness of a pink petal and the softness of a sunset, envelops your silhouette in a delicate aura.

Perfect to enhance the tone of your look, the impermeable in pastel color will certainly set you up. A real touch of femininity, you can dare all the styles of outfits to complete your waterproof. On the other hand, be careful not to barolate it with too many colors. A touch will be enough to make you elegant. Marry it with a pretty dress or straight pants ... You will not be able to miss! To perfect your outfit, opt for oversize boots, adding dimension and a contemporary look to your look.

The daring transparent raincoat

If you are a fan of a more avant-garde aesthetic, The transparent raincoat is made for you. This daring trend, spotted by many renowned creators, offers a unique way to highlight your outfit while remaining out of bad weather. The transparent raincoat transcends the limits of traditional fashion by adding a touch of brilliant to your style.

For an urban and trendy look that does not go unnoticed, let yourself be inspired by the animated streets of the latest fashion week. Configure with confidence the transparent raincoat on a set composed of black leather pants, a graphic t-shirt and thick heeled boots. The overlapping effect will create an intriguing set of textures, while the transparency of the waterproof will suggest your daring outfit.

Do not hesitate to give free rein to your creativity by playing with accessories. A wide black leather belt will add a structured touch to your silhouette, highlighting your size and creating a modern aesthetic.

The printed raincoat

The print trend rises at the top of the trend, and the raincoat is no exception to this style whirlwind. Let your personality break out in the open by choosing lively and contrasting patterns that will arouse the senses and captivate all eyes. For a structured and harmonious outfit, dare to associate a draped raincoat with an animal print, perfectly wild, with straight cut jeans and a pretty white shirt. The vitality of this set will not fail to capture the essence of contemporary energy.

In this vibrant association, accessories play the role of discreet accomplices, letting the raincoat take its full extent on your look. Opt for delicate and refined jewelry. Shoes with minimalist lines, such as moccasins, will perfect this chromatic symphony.

The printed raincoat Vibrating is much more than a simple protective garment against bad weather. He embodies a declaration of confidence, an explosion of visual energy which breathes a dose of vitality into your daily life.

The oversized raincoat

We have known it for some time, but the fashion for the oversize more and more invades our closets. And The raincoat does not pass through this daring trend and even rises at the top of the essential choices. A true iconic piece, sported by the most influential creators, perfectly embodies subtle marriage between ease and pace. To fully kiss this trend, opt without hesitation for a raincoat with generous dimensions, floating with disconcerting ease. Neutral shades, such as beige and khaki, give timeless elegance and allow a multitude of associations. Dare the harmony of neutral shades, thus sublimating your outfit in a subtle and refined manner.

To create an urban look at the forefront of the trend, combine your oversized raincoat with perfectly adjusted jeans, thus emphasizing the fluidity of your silhouette. A t-shirt or a basic sweater, in perfect symbiosis with your choice waterproof, will bring a note of simplicity and relaxed sophistication. White sneakers, on the other hand, will parachève your whole by instilling an undeniable touch of modernity. We like to break the relaxed side of the oversized style with a very feminine room like a dress or heels.


The raincoat is no longer simply a practical garment for rainy days, it has become a fashion center of fashion. By following the trends identified during fashion week and collections of renowned creators, you can transform your raincoat into a real fashion asset. Whether you opt for a minimalist sophisticated style, daring contrasts, original accessories or transformations from day to night, the waterproof offers endless possibilities to express your personal style and create irresistible looks, whatever the occasion. So don't let the rain discourage you, face it with style and elegance!


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