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The long bohemian dress: its origin, how to wear it?

Since the 1970s, the bohemian dress has become a must for summer. Both chic and relaxed, it is worn easily and on any occasion! But where its success comes from...

Since the 1970s, the bohemian dress has become a must for summer. Both chic and relaxed, it is worn easily and on any occasion! But where does its success come from?

The origins of bohemian fashion

The bohemian trend takes its name from the Bohemia, former region of the current Czech Republic which was once associated with the free, vagabond and often carefree populations of Eastern Europe. Born in the 1960s and 70s, in reaction to strict and formal mores of the time, the bohemian trend was truly Inspired by history. She describes a non-conformist lifestyle, characterized by a free thought, often artistic and an outfit eccentric. Paris and more specifically, Montmartre, was the absolute center of this trend, inspiring the world, including fashion for 2 centuries.

Characterized by flowery prints, light and fluid materials, bright colors, as well as accessories such as pearl necklaces, hats and sandals, the bohemian trend has a renewed popularity Over the years and is still very present on our current podiums. This style is today mainly represented by ethical or artistic pieces, but always worked, so as to represent Women's freedom and a particularly relaxed lifestyle.

Much appreciated by fashion enthusiasts, the bohemian trend has experienced many reinterpretations, including that of "Boho chic ». In other words, a modernization of the bohemian style, which largely draws its inspiration from the atmosphere of the streets of Paris.

How to wear the long bohemian dress?

Probably the most feminine room of our cupboards, the dress, and more particularly the long bohemian dress is on the rise! Perfect for any occasion, it brings a look soft And feminine - A real feeling of cheerfulness.

Boho or hippie chic style is expressed through the use of Natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, flax and silk, among others. This is the very essence of this fashion, to which we must be faithful. THE cups, on the other hand, are loose And fluid, are suitable for all morphologies and sublimate the silhouette. Long bohemian dresses are particularly irresistible, with their "Gipsy" charm that invites you to dance.

Today, the long bohemian dress adapts as well to a style relaxed than more elegant. As with any look, the main thing is to accessorize it To give character to your outfit. By selecting the right elements, you can transform your outfit in a moment!

Long bohemian dress with plunging neckline

Long Bohemian dress plunging necklineIf you want to sublimate your silhouette in a flattering and elegant way, then the long bohemian dress with plunging neckline will be your perfect ally. Lengthening visually neck and refining the upper body line, it thus creates a more appearance slender And graceful.

To maximize the flattering effect of the plunging neckline, Opt for a bra that keeps the chest well and does not leave visible marks on the skin. If you have a small chest, you can also use tips to give the illusion of a larger neckline, such as Push-ups.

Regarding the choice of accessories, bet on a pretty cuff and beautiful hanging curls to enhance your outfit. Your neckline is already highlighted, no need To load it more than it takes with a necklace!

You can also add a sophistication touch by wearing high heels or wedge heels sandals to lengthen your legs. If you prefer a more casual look, flat sandals will be perfect for a relaxed bohemian style. Finally, do not forget to wear the long bohemian dress with V Decolket with confidence and confidence in yourself, to make you even more radiant and dazzling.

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Bohemian white dress

Bohemian white dressOverall, the long bohemian dress is a must of bohemian fashion, a timeless choice for women who are looking for comfort, elegance and freedom of style. With this versatile piece, the possibilities are endless and the opportunities to wear it are numerous.

Detailed of lace, straight cut, straps or short sleeves, the long white bohemian dress is a perfect choice for a hot and sunny day. Raised with leather sandals, it creates a relaxed but chic look, which is perfect for a stroll in the streets of the city or a daytime to the beach.

For a evening more dressed, there dress Long white bohemian can be associated with elegant accessories such as a pair of high heels and delicate jewelry. This outfit is ideal for a romantic evening under the stars or for a chic outdoor event.

 Black bohemian dress

Black bohemian dressAlthough the bohemian style is often associated with bright colors and floral patterns, the bohemian dress can also be presented in darker colors, including black which can bring its elegant and sophisticated touch. Indeed, black is a classic color that adds a touch of sobriety and sophistication to the bohemian dress, making it easy to wear for more formal occasions.

Although it is a classic and elegant piece, a long black dress with a bohemian style may seem difficult to wear. It can sometimes bring a Gothic style with its lace details and its frills if it is associated with inappropriate accessories.

Here are some tips for bringing your long black dress into the bohemian trend:

  • Combine it with Light accessories. To brighten up a black dress, it is important to add light color accessories. You can opt for golden jewelry, shoes or a bright color bag to contrast with the black of the dress.
  • Play with patterns. A bohemian black dress with prints can be a piece of choice to add dimension and originality to a classic outfit. The prints on the black dress can vary, ranging from floral patterns to geometric patterns, including animal prints, and add a funny fun touch to the classic black dress.
  • Choose elegant shoes. To complete your look, you can opt for flat sandals or heels to feminize your dress even more. Avoid too heavy or massive shoes that could denotes the bohemian trend.

 Black bohemian dressBlack bohemian dressBlack bohemian dress

Long and straight bohemian dress

It's here dress The simplest, which simply falls straight and does not mold the body. It is a comfortable, timeless and really simple room to wear. This type of dress is a versatile part that can be suitable for different morphologies, provided you choose the cut and details depending on your silhouette and your personal preferences.

  • Long Bohemian Dress StraightFor themorphologies in "h"With a right silhouette, without many curves, this dress can suit perfectly in emphasize your size with a belt, creating the illusion of a more curved silhouette.
  • If you have a Morphology in "A", with shoulders narrower than hips, you can opt for a straight cut dress that is more upper, then which is slowly weighing down. This cut will balance your silhouette by creating the illusion of a silhouette more in a hourglass.
  • For the"V" morphologies, with shoulders wider than the hips, you can wear a long bohemian dress with a straight cut with puffy sleeves or details on the bottom of the dress to balance your silhouette.
  • Finally, if you have a "O" morphology With a more round silhouette, a long bohemian dress with a straight cut in a fluid and light fabric can be flattering by creating a draped effect.

Play on its simplicity to accessorize it at your convenience. Geometric or mismatched earrings, glasses of the future, suede handbag ... Have fun!

Bohemian-chic dress

Bohemian-chic dressThe long bohemian-chic dress combines bohemian style elements with sophistication touches to create a look at once relaxed And elegant. It is often characterized by floral patterns, light and fluid fabrics, loose cuts and details such as embroidery, fringes or pompoms.

However, it is distinguished from classic bohemian dresses by its touch of sophistication. She can have a more structured cut, of the more refined details or be made from noble fabrics. It can also be associated with more elegant accessories, such as heeled shoes, refined jewelry or pockets.

The bohemian-chic style is ideal for those who like the relaxed and comfortable look, but who are looking for the sophistication touch in its outfit. The long bohemian-chic dress is a versatile room that can be worn on many occasions, from wedding to the beach, including town outings or summer evenings.

Bohemian-chic dress

Bohemian dress with long sleeves

Bohemian dress for fallThere dress long bohemian is a summer room par excellence, but with a few tips, you can extend your season and even wear it in autumn

The technique of layering, which consists in superimposing the diapers, is to be preferred. If you loved wearing your long, flowery and fluid dress with sandals and a basket in summer, you can wear it in smoother seasons by combining it with a large mesh sweater, a perfecto, even santiabas. This will allow you to keep the bohemian spirit of your dress while making it more suitable for the fresh season.

  • THE boots : To protect yourself from the cold, opt for high boots, boots or thigh boots, depending on the length of your dress.
  • Dress Your dress: to stay warm, overlap your dress with a vest, a denim jacket or a leather jacket. You can also add a cardigan or scarf for more heat.
  • Add tights : to protect your legs from the cold, wear thick tights or leggings that we will not see under your dress.
  • Play with the accessories: add a belt to your dress to define your size and create a more structured silhouette. Add jewelry, a pretty suede pocket or a hat to add a touch of style to your outfit.

 Bohemian winter dressBohemian fall dressLong sleeve bohemian dress

 In summary, for a trendy bohemian look with a dress long you need:

  • Large and fluid cuts.
  • An artisanal and rural touch. In other words, the base of the bohemian look! Daim, Jean, Crochet, Fangs, Cotton, Lin ... The field of possibilities is large.
  • On the color side, everything is allowed! Natural tones in flashy colors, floral patterns with geometric patterns!
  • The accessories are essential, they are the final touch of your bohemian look.


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