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The obsession of this spring: the long skirt

To tell the truth, the long skirt does not lend itself tospring. Thislong model is a timeless ofWomen's dressing room. How and why has the long skirt stayed on the fashion podium? Let's discover it...

To tell the truth, the long skirt does not lend itself to spring. This long model is a timeless of Women's dressing room. How and why has the long skirt stayed on the fashion podium? Let's discover it together!

The origin of the long skirt

Appreciated today for its elegance and comfort, the skirt has not always been exclusively reserved forwomen. During Antiquity, the skirt has long been mixed or even male. It was only several centuries later that thea long skirt will be necessary in ourwardrobe daily; by the appropriation of famous designers.

Why do we love the long skirt so much?

Available in several styles, the long skirt brings a real touch of style. In version bohemian, pleated, fluid, with ruffles, flowery patterns Or with frills ... She returns this season to the front of the fashion scene with always more pace. Mallied euller of all morphologies, she sublimates the silhouette, even if we are an H or an 8. Easy to wear, the long skirt can be flattering with a slit on the front or more Bohemia with a flowery motif in all-over With a robbered finish.

How to wear the long skirt?

With the arrival of beautiful days, opting for a long skirt is guaranteeing a crazy success to the one who carries it. AndIf there is one fashion room Essential to any self -respecting locker room, it is none other than the long skirt! Size ally to twist all our outfits, the long skirt is worn high for more elegance andpatterned For a romantic touch.

In the same way, the pleated skirt to the Mi-long or noon cut Always has the rating, in various and varied or raised colors of Lurex and others Trendy prints. Contrary to popular belief, go ahead on the Flower pattern who has no equal for boost your seasonal look.

There long skirt continues to be worn with Trendy sneakers for a Sporty Chic look At will, it adapts to all situations.

To make the beautiful day and at nightfall,Bet on pencil skirt or a high waist skirt : heels on the feet and to you the silhouette the most slender neither seen nor known.

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