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The summer star: the flowery print

THEfloral motif originates during ancient civilization. Real flowers made offices of decorations for outfits and accessories. A practice used first as a social marker and then more used over the years...

Unbeatable, theflowery print remains the safe bet bringing character to summer outfits. From his birth to his peak through the importance of flowers In our creations, let's retry together the influence of Flower pattern in our closets summer.

The birth of the floral print

THE floral motif originates during ancient civilization. Real flowers made offices of decorations for outfits and accessories. A practice used first as a social marker and then more usedover the yearsin the whole world.

Only appeared in the 18th century, the first real stylized floral patterns developed by English weavers inspired by thebotanical art Asian, were popularized in a surprising way.

From the Baroque era in contemporary times, the influence of pattern flowery It remains undeniable and continues to reinvent themselves over the centuries.

The flowery in the heart of the prints By Louise

Prints are at the heart of creation By Louise as a signature. They are developed there in our Style office By creator Louise and our stylist Kassandra.

We take care of offering Women's silhouettes more creative in romantic accents with color intense, embellished with patterns vibrant and dynamic.

To celebrate thesummertime, The choice of colors and floral patterns is based on a desire for escape and precious. We all of us get our flowery prints carefully by working them tailor-made. always in The era of time, we bring a singular touch to each flowerFor a colorful print that is both lively, unique and distinguished.

The different types of flowery prints

The Liberty

Liberty motifs

Timeless print, the pattern Liberty take shape in England and is characterized by a mixture of twelve to eighteen colors that compliment the fabric All in elegance. Associated with the Self, the Liberty English remains a unavoidable For all seasons.

Oriental inspiration

Often decorated with Symbolic drawings like cherry trees or reeds, these Asian patterns Add a singular touch to the clothes.

How to wear the flowery print?


Strong part of summer, the Flower long skirtbrings style and elegance. Whether short skirt, long skirt, pleated skirt, fluid Or ruffled, There is something for everyone. As pleasant to wear as tendency, there flowery skirt Still as desired.


Long or short dress, the dress for sunny days is a essential. Embellished with Flower patterns, the flower dress is undoubtedly, the best choice for a wardrobe Vitamin E. Far from being difficult to wear, this great classic of summer dressing room feminine is perfect both in the day and in evening and can be worn with (almost) All.


Whether it is on a blouse or on a shirt, THE Flower models are of singular elegance. It adds a sophisticated touch to the outfit. For a sublimated look, integrate a part solid color or you can just as well adopt nuances close to theprinted. 


In combination Pants

On a long model, the flowers can be small or large and worked. Appropriate for both a office outfit, associated with a part workwear or for a outfit more relaxed, there Flower pants combination Can associate with pretty discreet jewelry and a raffia bag.

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