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What ceremonial outfit to choose for a wedding or a baptism?

The beautiful days are fast approaching! Barely the first spring flowers have time to hatch that our mailboxes (or email for the most connected) are already asked by the invitations...

The beautiful days are fast approaching! Barely the first spring flowers have time to hatch that our mailboxes (or email for the most connected) are already asked by the invitations of weddings, baptisms, gala evenings and other ceremonies. 

Each year as this summer season approaches, comes the same question: "How should I get dressed ??? ».

You have to admit it, whether on a daily basis or for a special occasion, find there Ideal outfit can sometimes be a real headache. 

Fortunately for you, we give you all our tips to find the best way to find your ceremonial outfit !

Which outfit to choose for a wedding?

Long, short dress, tailor or combination, the field of possibilities is large, and you do not know where to start. First, several factors are to be taken into account among comfort, the choice of colors or the cut adapted to your morphology. 

If the bride and groom do not claim any dress code, you will have to choose an outfit for which you will pay particular attention to style, materials, accessories and in which you will be perfectly comfortable All day long. Indeed, it is essential to choose a ceremonial outfit that will match perfectly with you. Note that you will spend several hours in this outfit and that you will probably ignite the dance floor, so it is better to make choices of sizes!

But what to choose in terms of material ?

For a wedding we will opt for fabrics of more chic that in everyday life, which will reflect the occasional side and ceremonial of your outfit. Materials such as silk, satin, muslin, tulle or linen are ideal for marriage and will ensure your comfort thanks to their natural and light compositions.

On the other hand, your outfit must be appropriate for the occasion - Avoid too relaxed outfits. A wedding is a formal event, so it is important to opt for an elegantly worked outfit. Depracted outfits such as jeans and sneakers are to be avoided. 

The printed dress 

Print is the ideal option for those looking to add a touch offantasy to their ceremonial outfit. The prints can vary, ranging from floral patterns to graphic or geometric prints. Ideal for a weddingspring On the "bohemian-chic" theme, it is embellished with trendy jewelry, beautiful heeled sandals and an evening cover.

The pants combination

The Pants Combi is a success for sure ! Chic and elegant, it offers all the possibilities of styles and adapts to each morphology. V -neck, boat collar, bare back or long sleeves, it will be a real ally for your trendy And ultra chic. 

Opt for colors vivid Or pastels which will bring the pep to your outfit. Our final touch? A pretty pair of heels that will extend your silhouette and carefully chosen jewelry so as not to overload the whole.

The long dress 

The long dress is a fairly popular classic among bridesmaids, but is nevertheless completely suitable for any other guest. 

For a trendy dress, we will opt for a female cut Endless with a length slit, a cross -back or a satin material that will bring a luxurious and elegant touch to your outfit. On the shoes side, we adopt the pumps that will give you height.

You don't know towards what a flowr turn?

For a ceremony Or an evening, it is important to choose a panel that suits your complexion. Classic colors like black, red and navy blue are always elegant, while pastel colors like pink, green and blue can add a touch of freshness to your set. 

On the other hand, we avoid white that is reserved for the bride!


Our advice for baptism.

THE baptism evokes candy, there purity and the candor. Three keywords that you will have to remember to work on your ceremonial outfit, because, just like for a wedding, it should be elegant. Indeed, by the importance of this event, it is advisable to adorn yourself with a chic outfit. We do not condemn flashy outfits, but they are not necessarily welcome in this type of ceremony. 

We therefore adapt his outfit with sparingly while keeping a touch of originality and color. We opt for soft colors rather than lively to stay in a solemnity. In short: you shouldn't do too much "simple"and avoid the overflowfull. 

The flowery dress 

For a baptism, many cuts and many patterns are available to you for the choice of your dress. On the silhouette side, we obviously favor a model that will highlight you and in which you will be perfectly comfortable. 

The dress flowery And fluid, or the dress with detail in lace and with colors pastel are ideal for ceremony of a baptism. For a short dress, we will bet on a straight cut, not too tight. Accessorized with a straight blazer jacket and a small pair of heels and voila! 

The tailor

For those who are not followers of the dress or combination, we opt for the tailor! This classic set is perfectly suited for any occasion: wedding, baptism, birthday, gala ... You just have to stylize it according to the theme of the event in order to bring the female touch - chic And elegant. 

For a baptism we will prefer light or pastel colors. On the shoes side, for the most sensitive feet and heels allergic, a pair of platform derbies will do the trick!

Opt for high -waisted pliers pants (Paper Bar, Palazzo or Tailor Pants), a nice lace blouse and a straight blazer jacket in tone with your pants. We complete your outfit with a necklace in an over -size chain, a cuff and hanging earrings that will guarantee a feminine and elegant look. 

 The combination

Perfect alternative to the dress and the tailor, the pants combination is very elegant and once again is suitable for all the silhouettes. Its cut marks your waist, lengthens your legs and highlights your femininity. 

Silhouette side:

- For small breasts we will bet on an asymmetrical cut.

- If you are round, we fall for a combination with darker colors, like navy blue, embellished with sleeves and a nice V neckline!

- The touch of elegance of the Combi is worked in particular with lace details, a bare back, a cache-core neckline or asymmetry.

For a baptism, we accessorize it with a chic pocket, some jewelry carefully selected for the occasion and a short blazer jacket to finalize everything. 


In short

The watchwords of your ceremonial outfit for a baptism? Sweetness and femininity! 

We prefer light and pastel colors, including white, which, unlike a wedding is authorized. 

Up to you ! 


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